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May 19, 2007

Patty Schnyder


THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Who's feeding the cats?
PATTY SCHNYDER: Sorry, what was feeding the cats?

Q. Who is feeding the cats?
PATTY SCHNYDER: My mother-in-law.

Q. What happened out there today?
PATTY SCHNYDER: Yeah, it's just like kind of everything came together. Like had a little bit of a slow start, and then suddenly I feel like I could not breathe at all.
Like I got a cold already since over a week, but today I couldn't really breathe so I felt I had to change something. And she's really tough athlete, so you have to hit two or three great shots to make the points.
It always seems that you have the opening, and you go for the corner but she is still there. So it was tough to get the points.
Yeah, I could not play that rallies every single game. I just could not breathe.

Q. Her movement seems to be the most impressive thing, is that what you're saying?
PATTY SCHNYDER: Yeah. It's how she cover the court, and then is he really plays it really safe and deep with good height over the net and not too fast, so it's really tough to create power out of that shot, and especially for me.
I rather of a flatter ball and maybe sometimes a little shorter one. But hers are always -- she always make the opponent move, and on top it's always semi-fast and very deep ball.

Q. (From Italian) But you are a player who can respond with balls which are difficult to play, and today seemed like it was difficult for you to do that.
PATTY SCHNYDER: Yeah. Like I said, her ball is not like really, really fast. Her ball is rather deep and with spin, and high, had a good height, and it's very tough for me.
She makes me move in like catch those balls early and not let it bounce too high. So that's just part of her game that I don't like and it's very tough for me to handle.

Q. Can you tell us more about the problem with your breathing. When the trainer came out it looked like you asked for something and she didn't have the correct medicine.
PATTY SCHNYDER: Yeah. She just didn't have the nasal spray. Yeah, I just could not breathe and my nose wasn't working. I have a cough as well, but not on the court.
Yeah, it's just today it was really bad. I mean, yesterday it was pretty good and also the days before I had it, but somehow today it wasn't possible to go like every point the long rallies.

Q. Did you have a fever during the night?

Q. Will you play next week?
PATTY SCHNYDER: I play in Istanbul, yeah.

Q. Did the breathing problem seriously affect your performance?

Q. Did to make a difference between possibly winning and losing?
PATTY SCHNYDER: I mean, the score wasn't about winning or losing. It wasn't really close. But of course I would have had a closer match. If you just have the feeling you cannot rally every single point the way you're supposed to.
It's my game to also wear down some of the opponents, so it's a big disadvantage. But she's always a great player. I mean, I'm not going to say that without it I would have beaten her.

Q. Was it sort of a strange feeling or situation to have your husband come down and advise you?
PATTY SCHNYDER: No. Feels good. I mean, we can talk and I can talk. Also the things, like mentally if I'm like -- yeah, if I'm just not like really calm with myself I just have someone to talk and not just staring at something. You're not able to communicate.
So this is the most important thing for me. On top of it, he just gives me the confidence that I'm doing good and just keep doing what we discuss before the match. It's just really great to communicate.

Q. And then do you like the system of the coach being able to come?

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