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May 19, 2007

Bradley Dredge


Q. 70, how good of a score is 69?
BRADLEY DREDGE: Pretty good around here. Finished really strong there. Just managed to get the ball around again. You just have to manage yourself and have a good short game really which is what I managed to do today.

Q. Around the clubhouse we don't get a sense of the wind; is it improving the last few hours?
BRADLEY DREDGE: I thought. So you get to the most exposed areas sort of around 5, 6, 7; you could really feel it there. It was quite strong, but coming in it seemed to die a little bit. You're not really sure because you're in the trees then, so you're not really exactly sure how strong it is but it didn't seem to affect the shots coming in.

Q. Start of the day five behind, what was mind-set going out?
BRADLEY DREDGE: Well, I knew that if I could shoot something around par, maybe one or two better, I know I'm right in it for tomorrow. 3-under is obviously a bonus. You don't go out in there looking to shoot 68 or 69. You just go out and try to compile a score and be very patient.

Q. Changed coaches in recent months to Pete Cowan; how is that working out?
BRADLEY DREDGE: Good. He's helping me a lot with the swing and the short game in particular which like I said is a big thing. Any week, it's a big thing but especially this week, you know you're not going to have every fairway and green, so you know that you've got to get up-and-down there sometimes.

Q. Fancy your chances tomorrow?
BRADLEY DREDGE: I think so. I hope it stays windy. I think that suits me better. I don't mind playing the wind. I'm sort of used to it a bit now. I don't feel as though I'm hitting the ball great but my short game is where I want it and I think what's -- that could help win.

Q. 69 and you birdied three of the last four holes, that's the way to do it isn't it?
BRADLEY DREDGE: Yeah, it's always a nice way to finish and holed a sort of 20-foot putt on the last, so lunch should taste very nice today.

Q. How much did the improvement in the weather today help?
BRADLEY DREDGE: Yeah, it's definitely the easiest conditions we've had. I think the wind may be dying down a little bit, and with the rough not being so wet, you can actually get a bit more club on the ball, not saying you can get on the greens, but you feel as though you've got a better chance of getting some more on it.
So it's easiest it's been.

Q. You're 1-under for the tournament at the moment, looking for a strong finish tomorrow?
BRADLEY DREDGE: Definitely, I'm right in it now so if I go out tomorrow and compile another good score, I'll definitely have a chance.

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