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May 18, 2007

Patty Schnyder


THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Congratulations. Five points all in the tiebreak. That's a match that Serena always wins. Why didn't she?
PATTY SCHNYDER: Yeah, I was there, I guess. But no, yeah, it always comes down to two, three point if it's like at 7-6.
And I really felt a lot of pressure because she was out there fighting, not just going for the shots because she really wanted to win.
So I had the pressure, but somehow I came with some great down the line forehands. I just couldn't finish it that way. So some days, yeah, you can do it and others you lose it, especially with such a champion like Serena.

Q. You beat Serena only on clay. It's because your best surface? Worse surface? Or because you have more time to think about points? What?
PATTY SCHNYDER: Yeah, thinking is never good, but I have more time to play I think, and I think it's her weakest surface. I'm extremely happy that I could do it again, because she's just the champion to beat this year.
Yeah, I think we played a really high level tennis in that third set. It was really both serving good and not missing easy shots. It was difficult conditions, and somehow on clay I managed to handle the conditions.
Yeah, it was a lucky win at the end, but still, it's a win.

Q. You won easily the first wet. What happened in the second set?
PATTY SCHNYDER: Yeah, I think it was like she was a little off starting and I could hit the spins and the balls were going where I wanted, and then I completely lost it. This is something that you really cannot explain, because as a player like me with so many years on tour, you don't want it to happen, but still it happens to everyone.
Yeah, I lost it. I couldn't control the balls anymore and the wind took away a lot of the clay and to get faster, the court. I struggled a lot. I cannot really know why, but it was just a horrible feeling not to play the balls on the court anymore.
But I'm really happy the way I could come back and especially hold those first two service games. That gave me a lot of confidence to be back in the game and maybe having a chance to beat her.

Q. What Patty Schnyder is asking to tennis now in this moment of your career and your life? Which goal? Which satisfaction?
PATTY SCHNYDER: Yeah, for me it's just, I mean, having fun on the court is the one thing that keeps me playing and working out every day. That's just the first thing I really have to feel really from my inside.
The other thing is I'm still dreaming of that Grand Slam final which I never played and to be on the biggest stage and win a final. That's just my dream as a kid and it's the only thing missing.
I still have a chance and I'm playing good, so, yeah, I want to go out there and try to again.

Q. Would this be among your best wins?
PATTY SCHNYDER: Yeah, definitely. I mean, if you can beat Serena it must be on the top of your list, especially with the kind of year she's having. It feels great.
I just, yeah, I'm really happy after like a slow start of the year that I just -- sometimes you need a little breakthrough, and definitely last week I played good matches.
But this win is definitely a breakthrough for me. I just don't want it let it go again, my level of game, my confidence. I just want to keep it up and see what's going to happen this year still.

Q. Which feeling it gives you to be completely different of the other players?
PATTY SCHNYDER: Yeah, that's what I try. I don't have the big muscles, the height, and so I need to get something special to my game, and that's what I work. I try to get some extra spin here or there to get maybe a slice in.
Today I couldn't play many dropshots, but that's what I work and I try to mix it up. And to be a lefty, of course, with the serve. But still I can play all the spins, the slice, the kick, and the fast serve.
So, yeah, I really work on that things in my game. Of course it feels nice to be special and people are supporting me and having fun watching my tennis. That gives me a lot of satisfaction as well.

Q. In your life you had to take many difficult decisions in different moments with the family and other stuff. How are you out of it now, if you are out? I mean, is it everything quiet? You have no problems? The mind is free? You play just play tennis, whatever?
PATTY SCHNYDER: Yeah, I mean, it has been many years that I had some problems and I was struggling. Yeah, but now I really feel I'm focused on the tennis and enjoying life on the court and off the court.
It's, yeah, going to be now the time that we write the book of all those years and funny stories. It's going to be big part of funny stories, things that happen. Maybe you will be surprised of how many problems I really had during that years.

Q. The next opponent will be Jankovic. What kind of opponent do you think she will be?
PATTY SCHNYDER: Yeah, very tough for me. I think she's really a great athlete and having a great position. She is just playing with so much confident. Her ranking just goes up and up and up for like one and a half years, and she's still motivated to go further and to play every week.
So I definitely need me best. Just hope that I can serve as well as today, especially in the third set, and just make her move and see how she can react to my things. Maybe adjust some tactics during the match.
But I also want to enjoy it with the supporters on the center court, semifinal. I really want to have a good time tomorrow.

Q. Since I must at admit I'm behind on the information about your life, apart from your partner and your coach and whatever, who are the best supporters of you right now? In your family there is someone?

Q. Who is really behind you?
PATTY SCHNYDER: Yeah, I have a team. Like here it's my hitting partner, Roger, and at home I have my medical staff and a guy that also work physical conditioning and I have my friends and I have my cats. They are great friends. They listen.
It's just like normal. You work with other people, you have friends and -- no?

Q. He doesn't.
PATTY SCHNYDER: Okay. I'm sorry. It's like normal, you know, apart from the family, like my life is normal. I have friends, good friends, and there are people I work with.

Q. I just want to know about the family. If your parents and you have a relationship or not?

Q. Sorry about that.

Q. The name of the cats and then I'm satisfied.
PATTY SCHNYDER: Mister, Gizmo, and Idefix.

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