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May 18, 2007

Billy Andrade


Q. I have Billy Andrade. Eight birdies, six bogeys, clean card in the second round.
BILLY ANDRADE: Well, I didn't make a whole lot of mistakes, like I did yesterday. It was a nice round today, very in control. Yesterday I just got off to a tough start bogeying the first two holes, come back with a couple birdies, and then it seemed like every time I didn't hit it where I needed to, it was almost impossible to get up-and-down.
First day was indicative pretty much of my season, which has been not very good, up and down, and today was much better. It's always great to play to well when you're home. I've really grown to love this place. I love the way it's set up. It's firm and fast and that helps me, so it was nice to make a few putts the last couple days.

Q. There are so few home games that golfers get. They're always on the road. Can it sometimes be more difficult on the road because you've got all the people and all the distractions?
BILLY ANDRADE: I've been dealing with it 20 years. You kind of get used to it. There are always distractions in your life, far more than having to get a few extra tickets for people. No, there's no distractions, it's just nice to be home, just a little bit in the routine of the family, and my kids are in school and they're waiting to be able to come out this weekend.
I only have really one house. Some of these guys out here with five and six houses, they've got a lot of home games. I don't have but maybe one or two.

Q. The putter is really working for you this week?
BILLY ANDRADE: It was. I've been putting pretty lousy this whole year, and I think I've found something where my speed was better and my tempo was better. I'm looking forward to this weekend.

Q. Bogey-free 68, 6-under, you're right there?
BILLY ANDRADE: Yeah, I'm looking forward to it this weekend.

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