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May 17, 2007

James Kingston


RODDY WILLIAMS: The par threes certainly treated you well today with birdies on all four short holes?
JAMES KINGSTON: I don't know what happened there but I certainly got it going. I hit some really good shots. I was very disappointed on the 11th though as I hit it right at the hole, just a foot and a half short. Hit a six iron. Once it was in the air I was thinking about the house on offer. It was tracking towards the hole. But played them really well and the longest putt I had on the par threes was seven foot so I was hitting it stiff. That helps the card a lot as the rest of the course seems long. You are hitting long irons in and the par threes are the holes to score on. I managed to pull if off today.
RODDY WILLIAMS: How tough is it out there?
JAMES KINGSTON: The rough is so thick and it is tough to hit your second to the green. You have to chip and putt well to keep the card ticking over. If you putt well you have a chance for more opportunities but with the undulations you have to hit it in the right area. The weather has turned out a little better and looks good for the afternoon.
RODDY WILLIAMS: How have you been playing coming into this week?
JAMES KINGSTON: I had a couple of good weeks in Asia, top 20s and then took three weeks off. People sometimes say why as you are playing nicely but you have to take a break with the big weeks coming up and you want to give yourself every opportunity. Sometimes when you do take a break you are not sure how you will perform but I played nicely.
Did a bit of work with my coach, Pete Cowen, and sorted a few things out. The big events are starting and you want to hit form now.
RODDY WILLIAMS: You enjoyed the day?
JAMES KINGSTON: I did. We all knew it was playing tough but nobody really knew how tough and it was nice. I really enjoyed it. It was a good start.

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