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May 17, 2007

Angela Park


PAM WARNER: Great round, just talk about how you played.
ANGELA PARK: I just played really solid out there. In the morning I was a little tired from the Pro-Am, but you know, I went out there and I thought, let's just -- seven straight pars in the first seven holes, so, you know, I didn't give up obviously. And it was just a really steady, solid round.
PAM WARNER: Can we go over your scorecard?
ANGELA PARK: Just the birdies? No. 8, birdie, five feet, 7-iron.
Then 11, I hit on the green in two and the par 5 with my 3-wood to like about 20 feet and 2-putted for birdie.
13 to like two feet, 8-iron.
16, 7-iron to about ten feet.

Q. Were you born in Brazil?

Q. Can you explain how that happened?
ANGELA PARK: How that happened? Well, it happened before I was born, so I wouldn't be able to tell you how that happened really.
But, I don't know, my parents have moved to Brazil from Korea and all of my brothers were born there, I don't know how it exactly happened.

Q. Did you grow up there?
ANGELA PARK: All of my family members are still there, a lot of -- my grandma and my grandpa, they are still there. But I lived there until I was eight and then I moved to California so I kind of grew up there and kind of grew up here, too.

Q. Do you speak Brazilian?
ANGELA PARK: Portuguese? Just a little bit. I can get myself around.

Q. Se Ri was just in here a little bit and she was being asked about so many of the Korean women coming out and the young girls and whatnot, is she somebody that you looked up to and how is she viewed by everybody out here?
ANGELA PARK: Definitely she is someone who -- like she was obviously the first Korean that won the Open and a lot of people started golf after her, like looking up to her. And obviously I've always admired her and even now when I come on the course, I go, "Oh, Se Ri is over there," and I look at her and see her work ethic and I respect her a lot.

Q. This has been a pretty good year for you hasn't it?
ANGELA PARK: Yes, it always seems like I do well the first couple rounds, and then like I would like trickle down a little. So I'm trying to stay focused for the text three days and not change anything. But it's better than I thought it would be.

Q. What are your memories of Brazil? Everyone I know who has been there talks about the beauty of the country and the dancing and celebration; can you talk about what you remember as a child until age eight when you moved?
ANGELA PARK: I don't remember much but I really miss the time where on weekends after church, all of our families since everyone lived there would go to the beach like an hour or two hours away and have like barbecue, which I miss that because I don't have any family members here.

Q. Where did you move to in California?
ANGELA PARK: I've been to a lot of places, Los Angeles and San Diego but most of the time I lived in Torrance, California.

Q. Was there a reason your family was in Brazil in terms of work and things like that?
ANGELA PARK: At the time the economy was really on a spur in Brazil, and so then my dad thought it would be easier to make money in Brazil.

Q. What did he do?
ANGELA PARK: We still do embroidery factory down there. My mom still works down there.

Q. Do you ever go to Korea?
ANGELA PARK: Just for vacation.

Q. You've never lived there?

Q. Tom asked you about how you've played well this year, you're a rookie, obviously a lot of people take a little time to kind of get their feet under them, what's been working for you so well this year so far?
ANGELA PARK: Just having goals in mind. You know, before the season started I had goals that I wanted to reach this season, and even if, you know, I'm having a hard time here or having a hard time there, I'm still working hard to reach my goals. So my mind-set is what it needs to be right now.

Q. Is it easy to have a community of young Korean golfers out here, that you have things in common with them, whether it's language or being young out here or trying to find your way?
ANGELA PARK: It's definitely nice having friends the same age as me, because I feel very comfortable around them and I feel in place where if I didn't have friends out here, I would feel awkward with the older people. So it hasn't been a very hard adjustment. It's been very great and it's been very fun.

Q. How many languages do you speak total?

Q. Portuguese, English, Korean?

Q. You talk about goals, I assume winning is one of them, but is it Top-10s, money; how do you define your goals?
ANGELA PARK: I think it changes and obviously I might go for -- every week it changes a little bit, I don't know how to say. If I finish like tied for 22nd, say, at Tulsa, I would be like, okay, Top 20. And this week was more like Top-10.
So it's like a little by little. I'm trying to get better. I'm not just looking ahead like I want to win because obviously it's going to take small steps to get there. So I'm not going to be like I'm going to win this and I'm going to win that. So I'm just being patient with myself and if I play well and God lets me win, I'll win.

Q. You said your father is in embroidery; what kind of things?
ANGELA PARK: Anything, on clothing.

Q. Everybody's still there?
ANGELA PARK: No, just my mom right now. My dad travels with me but my mom would be with me next week.

Q. Is there a sizable Korean community in Brazil?
ANGELA PARK: Oh, yes, definitely, a lot.

Q. And when you moved to this country did your father come with you? Did anybody come with you?
ANGELA PARK: My dad and my three brothers.

Q. Where do you fit on the family tree? Are your brothers older or younger?
ANGELA PARK: I'm the youngest out of three brothers.

Q. Is that a good thing? You're the baby of the family or is that tough being the only girl?
ANGELA PARK: I think it's a good thing because my brothers are way much older than me and they treat me like a little baby, so they will do anything for me really. (Laughter)
PAM WARNER: Thank you very much, Angela.

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