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May 17, 2007

Steve Marino


JOE CHEMYCZ: We welcome Stephen Marino after a 5-under 67 today. Stephen, talk about your round a little bit.
STEPHEN MARINO: Played really well today tee to green. I drove the ball well, and I had a few putts go in. So it was a nice change. I've been struggling lately with my ball-striking and today it finally came around, and the results were really good.

Q. In general how is the course playing?
STEPHEN MARINO: You know, it's pretty firm out there. The greens are pretty firm, and I expect them to get a little firmer as the week goes on. It's fairly wide so you can hit driver on a lot of holes, so it sets up pretty well for me because I like to just stand up there with a driver and wail away.

Q. You've struggled lately with ball-striking?
STEPHEN MARINO: Yeah, I just haven't been driving the ball real well, I haven't been hitting my irons real crisp and I've been relying on my short game a lot of these tournaments to get the job done, so it was nice today to play a stress-free round of golf.

Q. When you get your card for the first time and you're trying to get your schedule straightened out, is it hard to work on your game?
STEPHEN MARINO: You know, I think so, a little bit. A lot of times you just kind of get sucked in going week to week, and next thing you know you start playing bad and you don't know why. But I think a lot of it is you need to rest a little bit.
I think that kind of hurt me in the beginning of the year. I wasn't really used to all the traveling and going all over the place. I'm just learning every day as I go along.

Q. Is it just the ball-striking or is there anything that happened, anything you've worked on the last couple weeks?
STEPHEN MARINO: I just think it's been a culmination of all the work I've been doing. I was striking it well at the beginning of the year and then I kind of went into a little bit of a lull. That happens to me from time to time; I'll struggle for a couple months with my ball-striking and all of a sudden it will come back. Hopefully it's back for good now.

Q. Do you have somebody you work with?
STEPHEN MARINO: Yeah, Matt Messer.

Q. Is he in Palm Beach?
STEPHEN MARINO: Yeah, he's at Bear Lake Country Club.

Q. Did you work with him and come back after missing the cut last week?
STEPHEN MARINO: I actually worked with him a couple days prior to last week on Tuesday and Wednesday up at Sawgrass, and then last weekend I went home and didn't do much of anything, I just got a lot of rest.

Q. You played with Steve Jones and Azinger today. What was that like?
STEPHEN MARINO: That was awesome. Those are two guys obviously I've watched play golf growing up my whole life, and to play with them was pretty cool.

Q. Had you met them before?
STEPHEN MARINO: I had met Paul briefly, but Steve I had never met before.

Q. You know he's the Ryder Cup captain?
STEPHEN MARINO: We talked a little bit about it actually, but I think I'm going to have to prove myself a little more before he considers me.

Q. If there's such a thing as a good bogey, No. 12 I understand could be considered?
STEPHEN MARINO: Oh, yeah, felt like a birdie. I hooked it left off the tee into the water, and where I had to drop there was no way I could go at the green, so I just chipped it out 20 feet back to the fairway and then wedged in there about eight feet and made the putt for bogey. I was absolutely thrilled to death.
JOE CHEMYCZ: Thanks for joining us. Good luck tomorrow.

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