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May 15, 2007

Nicole Vaidisova


THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. You have a problem with your wrist?
NICOLE VAIDISOVA: I have a little problem with it, yes. I'm trying to get it better. I think it was a precaution not to play Berlin to make sure that I'll be fit and fine to play here.
So I've been going to th doctors and getting treatment and everything, so I hope it'll be fine this week.

Q. I would like to know, what do you expect from the French Open?
NICOLE VAIDISOVA: Well, I mean I had a great tournament there last year, so I'm just looking forward to coming back. And I'm very excited to play again in the stadium. It's just a great atmosphere last year, so just really looking forward to going back there and hopefully playing well again.

Q. Can you tell us your memories of that tournament?
NICOLE VAIDISOVA: No, I mean, it was my first Grand Slam semifinal and playing in the stadium against Amélie was amazing, the crowd there.
My semifinal against Svetlana the same. So I had so many great memories there, so just fun to come back there.

Q. What about your level on clay, you think you are better than last year?
NICOLE VAIDISOVA: Well, I mean, I grew up on clay in Prague so it's pretty much my first surface that I'm comfortable at. So no, I always like to play on clay. Always of course am a better player on hard courts, but clay is on top as well.

Q. There is something change in your life from one year to now?
NICOLE VAIDISOVA: Well, I mean, it's been a year, so a lot of things happen. And on court I think I'm just getting as much experience as I can with my matches.
Of course, still working hard trying to get better, get stronger, get more wise and just work hard.

Q. And this experience is very good for you, you feel you win matches because you have more experience?
NICOLE VAIDISOVA: I hope so. I mean, it's tough when you play a girl who's there for ten more years than and has those ten more years of matches and everything, so you, of course, try to match that.
So from every match you try to take something new, something positive, and put it to use. And I think slowly I can feel that in my game.

Q. And for the first year, this year, in French Open, women and men will get the same money from the first round to the final. What do you think of that?
NICOLE VAIDISOVA: I think it's great for women's tennis. It shows that we went a long way. I think it's definitely on TV a lot and athletes get more recognized and I think it's also more the level on top is so hard. You never know what's going to happen every week, and there is always so many top players going for the title:
I think it's great for us, and definitely grateful.

Q. Would you like to tell us the specificity of women's tennis that people want to see women's tennis, why it's better, could be better than the men's match?
NICOLE VAIDISOVA: Well, I mean, a lot of people of course come to see, you know, girls dressed very nice. I think fashion is going a little better now. I think that's also one reason why people come.
And like I said, I think we work really hard and I think the level of the game definitely is raised. We play harder and faster, and it's not just pushing a ball over the net. It's hitting hard and I think we're great athletes.
You see Justine and Serena, you know, so many characters, so I think people can see and choose one. I think it's just -- I think it got more exciting over the years.

Q. Just one about your coach. Do you work with your coach?
NICOLE VAIDISOVA: Well, it's my dad, my step dad as well. So we been together for what, eight, nine years. A long time. So he got me to the point where I am now, so I definitely owe him lot for that.

Q. Is it always easy he to work with your dad?
NICOLE VAIDISOVA: No, definitely not. We see each other all the time and still kind of live with each other. So it's tough to put that aside a little bit, but I think we're still okay with it.

Q. Do you speak tennis every day and every evening?
NICOLE VAIDISOVA: No. No, we don't. I think we both would go crazy, so no, we don't do that.

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