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May 11, 2007

Filippo Volandri


THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Is there just as much pleasure almost in following up the next day winning the match than there is beating Federer the previous day?
FILIPPO VOLANDRI: Yeah. I had a little bit more pressure than yesterday, because, you know, when you beat the No. 1 in the world then you need to keep on pushing and winning or otherwise they start talking about you're relaxing or something.
But still I played another perfect match. Less than -- more than an hour. It was amazing.

Q. The last three matches against Berdych you have a lot of success. What did you do better? What did you change? What was the reason for the success?
FILIPPO VOLANDRI: Yeah. I'm for sure another player instead of the one that played the last three times. I feel better. I'm more concentrate and my shape, it's really much better than before.
I knew that I had to push into the beginning of match, and that's what I did.

Q. Can you just give us an impression of what it's like it play out there with that crowd, every one wants you to win?
FILIPPO VOLANDRI: Yeah. Another day with the stadium completely full. It means a lot for me, because you don't have the time to relax when all the crowd is supporting you like that.

Q. You're not known to have the best serve, but you had to problems against Federer and no problems against Berdych on your serve at all. What's the secret?
FILIPPO VOLANDRI: Yeah, because every time that I hit the ball, my ball maybe is not too fast, but it bounce very high so it's a heavy ball and it's tough for them to return.

Q. What would it mean for you to play in the final of this Italian Championship?
FILIPPO VOLANDRI: Yeah, tomorrow we have to play the semifinal and it's already something big for me because it's my first semifinal in the Masters Series. But playing here in Rome, I'm not afraid.

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