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May 11, 2007

Randy Carlyle


JAMEY HORAN: Questions for Coach Carlyle.

Q. Both of Detroit's goals were kind of ugly. If you win, are those pretty to the other team?
COACH RANDY CARLYLE: Well, I think, you know, you look at it and you do an evaluation. From our standpoint we did a lot of the things that we tried to do in the hockey game. We set a game plan out and we came out on the short end of a hockey game that was highly competitive. The goals -- both of the goals went off of the same defenseman of ours, scored twice tonight. Beauchemin, the one deflected off of him, sliding across the crease in the first goal. Then the second one, point shot, I think it hit Holmstrom up in the shoulder, rolled down in behind Giguere and Beauchemin in diving trying to get the puck, swept it away, knocked it into the net. That's a freak thing that happens. It happened to us tonight, we'll move on.
As far as our hockey club and the work ethic we displayed, the commitment that came forth, I thought our game was pretty good.

Q. For a pretty good game do you chalk this up to Dominik Hasek?
COACH RANDY CARLYLE: He's a good goalie, made some big stops. We have to get more traffic. Again, I think we missed the net more times than we hit the net at times tonight, too.
You have to give your opposition always credit. They're a good hockey club. They pushed things to the outside. He made some big stops. Specifically when it was 1-1, I think Dustin Penner had a wide-open net. He came across with his glove and stopped it.
If we continue to drive and put people towards the front of the net, shoot the puck, we think we will be rewarded at time.

Q. How big was the final three where you didn't score for nearly two minutes?
COACH RANDY CARLYLE: Those things come back and bite you. If you look at points in the game, you know, we had some chances. I think Getzlaf hit the crossbar on the first one. Then we had a four-on-three in the third period. We just didn't get the puck over the line when it was needed.
Again, we'll have to make some adjustments and continue to push our group and come back with a stronger effort than we displayed tonight.

Q. Randy, you said before the series started you were concerned about your team's taking too many penalties. Were thoughts on the penalty calls?
COACH RANDY CARLYLE: The only one I can be critical of is Getzlaf's in the third period. It was a retaliation play that sometimes goes unnoticed, and tonight they called it. But he did slash the player after the player slashed his hands. It was like he got caught with his hands in a cookie jar.
JAMEY HORAN: Thank you, coach.

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