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May 11, 2007

Jason Spezza


Q. Jason, not to be flip about it, but it seemed like when you in the Sabres meetings, the way you guys anticipated their passes and messed them up a little bit. Could you speak on that, how well you did that in Game 1.
JASON SPEZZA: I think we're pretty familiar with each other as teams. I think one of your keys going into the game to get a lot of pressure. The guys were pretty bad. Take a little extra time to make plays. I thought our guys anticipated the plays pretty well.

Q. Seemed like Ryan Miller had Danny's number late in the game.
JASON SPEZZA: Ryan made some good saves. I think two off the shoulder and one with the leg. He probably would have made it a wider margin earlier on, but with the goalie like Miller, you got to keep getting pucks at him. He's one of the elite guys in the league. You have to get screens and tips. He's going to make the big save occasionally.

Q. What was the key to turning the puck over like you guys were able to create the number of giveaways?
JASON SPEZZA: It's the pressure on the puck. Because we pressured the puck so much, I think it caused maybe them to turn the puck over more than they would like.

Q. I have to ask it, your 0-8 after winning Game 1?
JASON SPEZZA: I read they were 1-12. We know this is a big game for us. We have to really give a better effort, and when you get a chance to put a team in a tough hole, we haven't been able to do it yet in this playoffs, and to get a team down 0-2 going into our ring would be pretty big for us.

Q. I guess you got to follow up to that. What would it mean to get a team like that 0-2 in your own building?
JASON SPEZZA: This is a tough building to play. Both teams are known as pretty good home teams. If we can get a team down 2-0 going into our ring, we're pretty confident right now. We're playing well in front of our crowd. It will definitely mean a lot to us. The focus and preparation, we had good meetings today and everything is going to be there in place tomorrow and should have a good effort.

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