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May 11, 2007

Peter Lonard


Q. Do you see the cup as half full because you're close to the lead or half empty because you could have been leading?
PETER LONARD: Well, if I had a psychologist I would say your glass is half full, but if I was a pessimistic individual like I am, I'd say the other way (laughter).

Q. So you're quite disappointed then?
PETER LONARD: Well, it wasn't very nice. But I hit three crap shots near the end there and played the penalty.

Q. Can you tell us what happened on the doubles with 4 and 8?
PETER LONARD: 4 I hit it in the rough, it was sitting down a bit and I wasn't sure when to chip it out and take my medicine. But I got greedy and hit it over the back and in the long rough and then chipped it again up on the top level and then didn't get it up-and-down. I doubled there.
The next one, the 8th, I hit a beautiful 3-iron, it flew all of 180 yards, and it usually flies about 225. It was up at the lip of the bunker and it's not very nice there, so I smashed that one out short and then chipped it up and two-putted for my double bogey.

Q. I was going to say did your caddie give you the wrong club just as a joke?
PETER LONARD: No, I just hit a very ordinary shoot, I hit a good foot behind it, rolled a bit of dough around it and then I brought in a little truck to fill in the sand and evened it out and now it's okay.

Q. Putting was the same today?
PETER LONARD: Pretty was all right, I think. There's not really -- not many putts I really left out there. I holed a couple nice ones for birdie and just basically made a couple mistakes hemming and hawing over clubs. It's that sort of course.

Q. Nice to play a course where being in the fairway and on the green means something, you don't just blow it out there 320 with your eyes closed?
PETER LONARD: Yeah, I think this course historically is good for guys that hit fairways and greens, I think. Mind you, the last few courses that we've played, outside of Tiger, you've still got to hit fairways and greens, he's just real good out of the rough.

Q. When you've had a time to calm down --
PETER LONARD: What are you talking about (laughter)?

Q. You said you saw the cup as half empty. You would have taken a couple off the lead at the end of the second round on Thursday morning, wouldn't you?
PETER LONARD: On Thursday morning? I would have taken about six from the lead, ten maybe even, if it was going to make the cut.
Yeah, it's all right. I think if the leaders don't get too far away tonight or this afternoon, that's fine for the weekend.

Q. Did you hit the ball as well as yesterday?
PETER LONARD: I hit it good for the first -- probably the first 12, 13 holes and then I hit some dodgey ones near the end there. But that's all right, I'll fix it on the range this afternoon and come back and have another go tomorrow.

Q. Did conditions get harder as the round went on? Course dry out okay, faster?
PETER LONARD: The course was definitely softer first thing in the morning I thought, but it wasn't as dry as it was yesterday afternoon I didn't think. Still softer than it was yesterday afternoon. You know, I had a bit of trouble. I had more trouble today judging where the wind was than I did yesterday. I don't know whether it turned a little bit or moved a little bit or just the fact that it was blowing 50 miles an hour yesterday made it really easy today.

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