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May 11, 2007

Charley Hoffman


Q. Are you at all surprised that you're still in the mix for things after your opening hole yesterday?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: If I would have told me I was even par after making 9 on the first hole, I probably wouldn't have believed you. But I was happy with my game going into the week, and unfortunately I started off with a bad hole. But I think it got me focused and got me ready to play the next 35 holes.

Q. Did it make you mad?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: Not really. I mean, you've got enough holes, at least if you play good golf you're still going to have a chance. I wasn't too disappointed, I was actually pretty much just laughing. It took me until the next tee to figure out what I made.

Q. It looked like you went back and forth across the fairway on ShotLink. Can you tell us what happened on that hole?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: Tee shot, pulled it, must have caught the limb of the trees, dropped straight down, plugged, and I was just trying to blast it out into the fairway and I bladed it, lost it, dropped it again, plugged again, tried to go at the green this time, hit a tree, bounced 50 yards left almost into a hazard that I've never even seen before. Then I tried to get it back into play and sort of got it back into play, went at the green, plugged it in the green-side bunker and ended up making 9.

Q. That's a lot of plugging?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: Three plugs and a lost ball on one hole. Not bad.

Q. Too bad you missed the hazard, you could have gone for double figures.

Q. Without that hole, I mean, you'd be pretty --
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: Yeah, I'd be right in it, and I still think I'm going to be right in it. Obviously you can't take back what happened. I wouldn't have done anything different. The very first shot I hit I tried to get it back into play, it's not like I made a mistake. It happens.

Q. Does it kind of take the pressure off after you make a high number like that right out of the gate?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: I wouldn't say pressure off but you have nothing to lose at that point. I just went on and played one of the best rounds of golf of the year after making 9 on the first hole.

Q. When is the last time you've had a start that bad?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: Never. I can't even remember having more than a triple bogey much less a quad and a quintuplet or whatever.

Q. When you finally figured out you made 9, what was your thought?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: I was happy I didn't make a 10 (laughter).

Q. You laughed on the way to the next tee?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: Yeah, we laughed. It's the first hole of the tournament. What can you do? It's not like I did anything stupid and whapped it around four times. I tried to put the first one back in play, thought I could do it. Hit a tree, I thought it could happen.

Q. Were there people trying to help you find the ball?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: Yeah, there was probably 25 people there and we never found it. Someone could have picked it up. Obviously it took time to get over there. No one saw anything. Next thing you know I had 9.

Q. How long did it take to play the hole?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: The best part, it took probably 25, 30 minutes then we waited on the next tee.

Q. What have been some keys that have allowed you to get back in the tournament?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: I've driven the ball really well. For me I'll bet my fairway percentage is up. I put the ball in play off the tee, and usually when I do that I play pretty good golf.

Q. Did Lumpy or Kirk say anything going to the next tee that made it easier or made you laugh?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: Well, Tim made a double, so he wasn't very happy to begin with, and Kirk made par. We were all sort of laughing. I walked to the tee, and I go, "Well, I think I made 9 there, and you can nod at me if you want. I'm not sure what I got."

Q. Some guys might not have been able to bounce back as easily. Do you think it's kind of your demeanor, that that helped at all?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: If it would have happened in the middle of the round, who knows what would have happened. If I would have made a bogey or something, who knows how it would have affected me. I was able to play some good holes after that and stay pretty calm and played a good round of golf.

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