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May 10, 2007

Tom Lehman


Q. So the drugs worked with the sore throat? Are you feeling okay?
TOM LEHMAN: It was the hot toddy. My mother-in-law snuck one by me. I'm not even sure what's in it, but I was feeling horrible before, and I was feeling pretty good after. So whatever it was, it worked.

Q. Is it a little bit of jet lag?
TOM LEHMAN: No, there was a guy we were hanging out with last week, I'm not sure if he had strep throat or what, but he was sick, had a bad sore throat, feeling lousy, and I've been fighting it for the last couple days. But I feel much better today. I think I'm nearly 100 percent.

Q. You're playing pretty well.
TOM LEHMAN: You know what, it was a scrambling round for me. I made some really good putts today. I didn't really feel super comfortable over the ball on the tee or in the fairway but managed to get it around. Anything under par today, you've got to be proud of, even par, 73 or 74. It's really difficult.

Q. Difficult just with the wind, or --
TOM LEHMAN: Gusty wind. The wind is always tough. If it's steady, it makes it easier to play in. But this was such a gusty wind, there was a couple of shots -- I played with Mike Weir and Tom Pernice, and each of them hit one shot today that off the club face it looked great, and about halfway to the hole it just hit a wall. Pernice came up about 30 yards short on the 15th hole, and Weir's ball just hit the ball in the 18th fairway and went straight down and left into the water.
It was -- so whenever it gusts like that, that's what makes it difficult. You can't control that. All you can do is execute, and you take what you get.

Q. It must be good to know that you're finally in a position where your putter can save you.
TOM LEHMAN: Well, it's nice. Yeah, the greens are really good. They're very smooth, they're very fast, and if you get it on-line there's a good chance it's going to go in the hole. Any time you're playing into the wind, whether you're hitting a shot or hitting a putt, your rhythm is the most important thing, and just try and keep the stroke moving real slow and real smooth, and it produced a pretty good day for me.

Q. What did you hit on 17?
TOM LEHMAN: 8-iron. There's an example of what I'm talking about. You catch the wrong gust on that one, you're in huge trouble. Or conversely, if it's really blowing hard and if you catch a lull when you hit it, that's even as bad. So that's what makes this wind tough is if it lays down on you or kicks up on you, it's not going to be very pretty.

Q. So there could be some element of luck even with that.
TOM LEHMAN: Well, there's definitely an element of bad luck when something kicks up when your shot is in the air, which is why I backed off a lot today. I backed off a lot of shots because I could kind of hear the trees start moving more, so I'd back off to see what was coming. But sometimes you just can't help it.

Q. Did you have any good saves out there today, anything that was kind of a key to holding the round together?
TOM LEHMAN: You know, it was more that I made about three or four 20-footers for birdie, where I hit pretty good shots to get into position and then rolled a couple putts in the hole. Made a couple good saves but there was nothing spectacular.

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