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May 6, 2007

Rory Sabbatini


STEWART MOORE: We welcome Rory Sabbatini to the interview room here at the Wachovia Championship. Rory picks up 1,450 FedExCup points today and moves to 12th on the season-long list. If you could talk about starting out trying to take down Tiger Woods and kind of going out with nine straight pars while it seems like a lot of people were making their move on the front nine, and if you could maybe go through the back nine for us.
RORY SABBATINI: You know, just felt like I hit a lot of good golf shots out there and just couldn't get the putts to drop. You know, it was a tough day with the conditions obviously, and they obviously did a wonderful job of preparing the course and keeping it very playable for us.
But, you know, just a situation of being in that position and having to try and force birdies on the back nine, it's just -- it's not a golf course that you want to be trying to do that because it tends to fight you on that one.
You know, just didn't get the job done today, and next time maybe I will.

Q. You were pretty provocative last night saying you wanted Tiger and wanting to beat him and all that type of thing. Any regrets?
RORY SABBATINI: No. He got the job done today, I didn't. You know, I think just slight changes, a few putts here and there, it's a major change of the outcome, I think.
But, you know, that's not the way it worked today. The way it worked today is, as I said, he got the job done, I didn't. I don't have any regrets about that. I want him every week now.

Q. Did you feel like his eagle kind of changed the momentum of this tournament, that everybody was still kind of in it until that point?
RORY SABBATINI: Obviously that was definitely a change of fortune there. I don't know exactly how close the ball went to going in the water, but it was fortunate to stay up, and then he hit a miraculous shot from there. It was just a great shot. He actually got lucky on it. But then hit a wonderful putt, and I think at that point it turned things around and really sparked the round for him because he kind of went on a little bit of a tear there other than on No. 10.

Q. Have you ever felt better about your game, real close at Augusta, real close here, certainly had a chance to win both those tournaments?
RORY SABBATINI: Exactly. I think this golf course this week was as -- it was playing as tough as any U.S. Open golf course, especially driving-wise. You know, I think going into next week this is going to be a definite positive and good preparation for next week.
STEWART MOORE: Thanks for your time.

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