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April 27, 2007

Vijay Singh


Q. Vijay, round 2, how would you assess your round with a birdie on the last?
VIJAY SINGH: I played decent. It's a different golf course. The golf course that I know last year and this year, I think this golf course is two shots harder than we played it before, and the greens are just night and day different than the other side. It's sad that we're not playing the greens on the other side; it would have been really fun.

Q. Heading into the weekend, do you feel confident with where your game is and your position in the field?
VIJAY SINGH: Yeah, I am. There are a few things, but besides that, I'm comfortable. I'm playing well and feeling good, so just trying to battle the greens on that side. I think the good thing is everybody has to putt it, and the one who's the most patient will have a chance.

Q. 75 total career wins amongst the three guys you played with, including yourself, the first two days. How was it playing with Corey and Phil Thursday and Friday?
VIJAY SINGH: Fine. It's not the first time. I just played my own game.

Q. Can you just talk about your back nine? It looked like the shot at 12 on the par 5 where you stuck it close, did that kind of jump start things?
VIJAY SINGH: Yeah, it's nice to hit it close so you don't really have to read a putt and hit it in. I was playing well the front nine, just wound up birdieing 11, then put it up there and made a few birdies coming in.

Q. How difficult is making two course changes in three days?
VIJAY SINGH: It's not really difficult, it's just playing greens like that is the biggest factor. It used to be it was the same kind of greens, but this year it's a big difference.

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