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April 21, 2007

Kristen Flipkens


THE MODERATOR: Questions for Kirsten.

Q. You really made a battle of this out there. Can you tell us about your attitude walking out to the court and how you started?
KIRSTEN FLIPKENS: I think I played a good match. I'm really happy about the way I played. I was just focusing on myself.
As I said, going on the court I was just thinking about my own game and about my own experience. I think, yeah, it was a real good match. I played a real good match. Venus didn't play that well in the first set, but she was on fire in the second one, that's for sure.

Q. Can you talk about the conditions, the wind obviously swirling out there.
KIRSTEN FLIPKENS: Yeah, it was not really from one side to the other that you had the wind. But it was just mixing up a little. Of course, it was difficult to play against the wind, playing against Venus Williams, her serve. But I think, yeah, the conditions were to my advantage today.

Q. How was it against Venus? Was there any surprise from what you thought it would be coming in?
KIRSTEN FLIPKENS: No, not really. Our coach was analyzing some matches from her. I think, yeah, she was just serving very good today. Nothing really, no.

Q. What is going through your mind when you're up 5-3, 15-Love on Venus' home turf? Are you thinking something exciting is possible?
KIRSTEN FLIPKENS: Yeah, of course. It would be really a nice thing if I win the first set. But I think you're playing against one of the best players in the world. They have been in tougher situations than this.
She just get out of it really well. I was up a break, but unfortunately I couldn't make the set.

Q. I'm wondering if you could picture yourself singing the Belgian national anthem as Vania sang the U.S. anthem today?
KIRSTEN FLIPKENS: No, not at all (laughter). I really have a lot of respect for Vania doing this. It was amazing. It was really nice of her, yeah.

Q. I noticed on the baseline a few slides, almost splits. I thought of Kim. Could you talk about what her influence has been on you personally and on the game in your country.
KIRSTEN FLIPKENS: How do you mean "influence"?

Q. Her effect on you as an athlete.

Q. Kim.
KIRSTEN FLIPKENS: Yeah, she's an awesome athlete. She won a Grand Slam. She has been No. 1 in the world. I really look up to her, just as I look up to Justine.
I think Kim and Justine are just two great players. They really mean a lot in Belgium. Because of them, a lot of people started to play tennis. A lot of children are playing tennis. Because of them, tennis is improving a lot in Belgium and is one of the famous sports.

Q. Did it seem like Venus had a light switch she turned on in the second set?
KIRSTEN FLIPKENS: She was on fire in the second one, yeah. In the first set I think she had a little bit of problems with the conditions and everything. But, yeah, as I said, on the second one she was really on fire. She was just serving way better than in the first one.
Yeah, she was proving that she's one of the top players in the world.

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