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April 21, 2007

Mark Calcavecchia


Q. Do you want to talk about your back?
MARK CALCAVECCHIA: It'll be all right. I self-injured myself. I decided to throw my hat on the ground and I hurt my back. Luckily there was only a couple holes left, but it'll be fine by tomorrow.

Q. I thought you told me earlier this year that you had matured.
MARK CALCAVECCHIA: I have. I still get mad. But I regrouped, came back, played the last couple holes nicely, so I didn't mess my golf up any. I just had a couple bad breaks in a row there on 15 and 16, and that kind of bothered me a little bit.

Q. If this is your bad round, that's good news because you're still right there.
MARK CALCAVECCHIA: I hope so. We'll see what happens tomorrow. Lucas and I both kind of struggled. We didn't make much. We each made one putt, and that was about it. You know, it wasn't that easy out there.

Q. You look at the guys at the top of the leaderboard, you're the only one there who's got a victory. That's got to be to your advantage.
MARK CALCAVECCHIA: I think so. I haven't really noticed. I know Nick Watney is leading, and that's all I know. I think he's 12-under. So I'm three back.
I've played four or five times with Nick, and I'm very impressed with his game. But we'll see what happens tomorrow.

Q. A little bit of a summary of the round, kind of an up-and-down kind of workout third round today?
MARK CALCAVECCHIA: Yeah. The good news was I hit it a lot better the last six holes. Started out okay and then hit one in the water on 4 off the tee, misjudged the wind a little bit; I tried to cut my drive back against the wind, and it just kept cutting, hopped in the edge of the water and made double there.
You know, from that point on you're kind of fighting it. I was able to make a couple birdies but then made a bad bogey on 16 and kind of wrecked the day a little bit.

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