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April 20, 2007

Richard Gasquet


Q. This question has nothing to do with tennis. But did you see that in the magazine Le Point there was an article about Lagardere who denied the rumor about your relationship.
RICHARD GASQUET: I was absolutely not happy about that. This question has come back hundreds of times, and every time someone turns up saying, Oh, I have evidence.
It is just bullshit. Neither him nor me are homosexuals. It's absolutely obvious.

Q. Can you sum up for us the reasons for this loss? Were you tired?
RICHARD GASQUET: I was tired, yes, but it's not the only reason. At 4-2 in the second set I was not able to win that game in order to be up 5-2. If I had won that game the match would have been different.
But he played well, and I was really not far behind. I really was aggressive. That was the most important thing.

Q. What is his level?
RICHARD GASQUET: He plays Top 10. He was No. 1 once but it's not the same. He's now playing Top 10.

Q. Are you satisfied with the tactics you had during that match? Was it to be early on the ball?
RICHARD GASQUET: Yes. I was tired this morning, therefore I knew I needed to make the rallies short. It paid off. I went up to the net and I played well. This is exactly the way I had to play.

Q. It was a good tournament for you?
RICHARD GASQUET: Yes. When I arrived here I was not feeling well. I was just coming out of an injury with my foot, but after my tennis came back and today I played very well.

Q. If you had to play again that game at 4-2, would you do a dropshot and serve and volley on second serve again?
RICHARD GASQUET: Yes, because I was not able to play long rallies. I tried and it didn't work.

Q. What are you going to do now?
RICHARD GASQUET: Estoril, Rome, Hamburg.

Q. Federer said that you played better when you stayed far behind the baseline. Do you believe he said that because he's afraid of you if you were to come forward?
RICHARD GASQUET: If I come forward that's when I play the best. He be doesn't think what he said. It's true that when I'm far behind and I play with a lot of topspin. On his backhand I can play well against him, but it's even better if I go forward.

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