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April 20, 2007

Charley Hoffman


Q. Nice round today with a 69. You're 7-under alone in third place headed into the weekend.
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: Yeah, struggled there a little bit coming in, but all in all played pretty solid, got some good breaks and hit it pretty good today. Just kept it together coming in, didn't let any strokes fall away.

Q. Since you're a tournament winner, winner of the Bob Hope Chrysler Classic, do you have a different mindset coming into the weekend knowing that you've done it before, you have won on the PGA TOUR?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: I think winning every time is just as hard as the first time, so I'm just going to go out there and play as good as I can. You can never slack off out here. There's great players behind us, and the field is pretty bunched up.

Q. You feel comfortable playing in the last group or next-to-last group?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: Yeah, oh, yeah. Just bring the confidence I've had the first two days, and hopefully we can celebrate on Sunday.

Q. Looks like the course sets up for you because you're able to bomb it off the tee. Your length has been really good this week.
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: Yeah, when I got here some of the guys were saying they didn't like the golf course, but as soon as I stepped on it and played the first few holes, I enjoyed it.

Q. I thought you played very quickly and very confidently here in the second round.
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: Yeah, I play usually pretty quickly. I don't take much time. I don't see what there's much to deliberate about; you see the shot and you just go and hit it.

Q. I know yesterday you were disappointed with the way you finished, but today was a different story.
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: Yeah, I saved par today, and I'm obviously going to have some good vibes going into the weekend instead of a bogey, but I'm in contention and that's the most important part.

Q. You've got to like your chances heading into the weekend with the way you're playing.
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: Yeah, Calc is going to be tough up top, and if he plays good you're going to have to be a little better than him, and hopefully I've got a chance.

Q. I know of the players that teed off in the afternoon, it seemed like you were playing a little bit better than some of the other guys. Was the weather a factor, or did it suit your game?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: The greens got pretty firm. If you didn't hit the fairway it was hard to hit a shot really close to the pin. So I think that's what attributed to the higher scores.

Q. 3-under, 69, how would you describe your round?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: Pretty solid and a little shaky. Early I made some good pars and had a couple chances at birdie, and coming in I had some great par saves, which gives you a lot of confidence going into the weekend.

Q. Did you think earlier in the week that this was a course that set up really well for you and that you had a chance to win this thing?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: Yeah, I really liked my practice round Tuesday, went well, and I really enjoyed the setup of the golf course. I normally play really well on TPCs so I have some good vibes going into the weekend.

Q. After winning the Hope, how much pressure did that take off of you for the rest of the season?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: I don't know if that took -- it almost put more pressure. Now you're expected to go out there and play well week in and week out, which I really haven't played solid. But hopefully this weekend I can back it up with another good finish.

Q. You head to the weekend playing in one of the final groups. What's your mindset going into Saturday?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: Just play good, put yourself in position for Sunday and you can only help yourself tomorrow, and hopefully I can do that.

Q. You seem so relaxed, just very calm.
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: Yeah, it's just golf. A lot of things are going on in other parts of the country obviously, in Virginia, and it's just a game, hopefully go out there and play good.

Q. Have you been having fun off the course this week in New Orleans?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: Yeah, checked out Bourbon Street, had some clams at Acme, and it's been a great time here in New Orleans.

Q. Do people recognize you on Bourbon Street with the hair?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: Not really. I don't think I stick out that much down on Bourbon Street.

Q. Talk about the 9th hole. What sort of problems does it present and what kind of hole is it?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: It's a really tough hole. Water looms on the left the whole way up there, so if you don't hit a good golf shot, you're going to be in the water. But it gives you a little bit of room to bail out to the right like I did. It's a tough hole, and you've got to commit to your shot and hit a good one.

Q. One of the harder par 3s that you see, or what makes it --
CHARLEY HOFFMAN: They moved the tee up a little bit today, so it made it a little easier, but yeah, all the par 3s out here you've got to hit a good golf shot, but 9 especially.

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