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April 17, 2007

Gilles Simon


Q. What happened?
GILLES SIMON: I was not able to practice on clay. I only played one week since I came back from the States.
Last year I was able to practice for ten days on clay before the beginning of the tournaments.
Today I didn't play my usual game on clay. I did everything upside down. I was constantly off balance when I was sliding. Against Ferrer you have to be at you're best level, otherwise you have to chance.

Q. What was the disease or the illness you had recently?
GILLES SIMON: Yes, indeed I was very sick. I believe it's a mushroom that I didn't digest. It was a food poisoning. It happened during a practice week.
Last week I didn't have time to find my reference points on the court. I didn't have the same level as last year when I was difficult to out-run.
In this match I was not even able to start running when he made a dropshot, and I didn't feel comfortable on the court.

Q. What do you intended to? It's becoming urgent, isn't it?
GILLES SIMON: For the Casablanca tournament that's going to be difficult. But after that I will have ten days on clay before the other two Masters Series. I will play the best I can in Casa, and after that there will be one week without a tournament and I'm going to practice.

Q. Do you realize you have many points to defend?
GILLES SIMON: I know that. It's for everyone the same. If I don't win any match until the French Open, I'll go down Top 70.
But you can consider things from the other point of view. I am 70 or Top 70, and every match I win makes me go up. This is the period of the year where I'm supposed to play my best tennis. If I won so many points last year, it is not a coincidence.

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