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May 30, 2000

Scott Stevens


Q. Will you compare this team to 1995?

SCOTT STEVENS: Well, yeah, we have a good team. We have good chemistry. We have four good lines and we have the same goalie and we have a solid defense.

Q. Do you feel you are playing at the same level that you were playing in 1995?

SCOTT STEVENS: I guess so. The Playoffs have been going good. I mean, the whole team is playing well and individuals are playing well and that is a big part of it. We are playing great as a team and everyone is looking good out there. Obviously I feel good at this point. I feel strong at this time of year right now and it has been fun so far.

Q. Considering the defensive reputations of these two teams heading into this game, how surprised were you by the outcome?

SCOTT STEVENS: I was thinking the same thing out there. I said, geez, there is a lot of scoring out here and everyone is expecting a boring, slow game and I mean, it started out pretty slow. There is a lot -- I mean, a lot of trapping going out in the neutral zone. Obviously it is tough to get through there. I am sure both teams are playing very patient, but we finally broke it open; got the puck in deep and we got some cycling down there and scored some nice goals.

Q. The Sykora-Arnott line, that is not a surprise, but even Kenny Daneyko in the same game, that had to be pretty exciting. Talk about the one you scored and to see him score one.

SCOTT STEVENS: I just saw I could jump in the play with Pando. We had odd man. I think he -- we had a forward back there and Pando dropped the puck to me. I hesitated looking if someone is coming. There was no one else coming. I took the shot. I think I caught Belfour in between there. Kenny's goal was great. When he shot it I was on the bench. I was hoping nobody else touched it. I wanted him to score. You never know when that shot goes, you think one touched it. It was great for Kenny to get his first and he didn't score all year, but that was a big goal for us tonight.

Q. After the events in the 7th game, you made some statements about -- I was wondering how long it took you emotionally to get through everything that happened in winning that series and I guess the hit was deemed as a clean one, was it gone? Did you leave it there?

SCOTT STEVENS: Leave what there? It is a new game here. This is -- I mean, yeah, it was a good series. It was nice to come back. We made history. But we are in the Finals right now, and we had a great game tonight.

Q. How important is the momentum with scoring so many goals?

SCOTT STEVENS: We played well, but I think everyone knows that Dallas didn't play their best game. We played well. We did some good things out there, but I expect them to be a lot better the next game and we have to be better also.

Q. Midway through that second period there Marty makes two big saves in rapid succession on Modano and Hull. 30 seconds later Kenny scores. What did that do for you guys momentum-wise?

SCOTT STEVENS: Well, it was a big save. The first shot by Modano was kind of a knuckleball. Then there is a rebound. He made the rebound save. That was huge for us. And there is no question that gives the team life and gives the guys confidence. Then we come back and score. You see that a lot in hockey, a few big saves and the other team comes down and answers back.

Q. After having to share this place with Flyers fans, what is it like having your own building back?

SCOTT STEVENS: We realize that there wasn't going to be many Dallas fans. It was great. We had a lot of New Jersey Devil fans out there and saw a lot of jerseys and it was a very loud crowd. It was great. They gave us a definite boost at the start of the game.

Q. Do you take it as, I don't know, a sign of accomplishment that Modano and Hull were so quiet tonight? You were on the ice against them for so much.

SCOTT STEVENS: Well, the forwards that played with me against that line did a heck of a job too. They are very important. It takes a lot of people to keep them off the board. Also my partner, Rafalski, it was nice, we are definitely aware of them. You got to really watch the passing lanes and they -- I mean, Modano made some nice moves still, but for the most part we did a good job and we got some help from Marty.

Q. You guys were down 3-1. You have now won four in a row. Are you on the best roll you have been on in a while since mid-season?

SCOTT STEVENS: We are playing well. I mean, we gave a couple of late goals up, but we have been doing a great job in keeping the shots-against down. That is very important. If you look at our last games, the reason why we have only -- we have been giving up under 20 shots per game. That is very important. We are deflecting a lot of pucks and getting our sticks in the lanes. We got Marty there for the big saves. That goes for the winning streak. We are playing great defensively; just got to keep doing the same things and not give up a lot of shots.

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