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April 8, 2007

Retief Goosen


LARRY PUGH: We're going to get started. Retief is catching a plane for London shortly and I promised him he would be here for just a few minutes. Retief, congratulations on a terrific day and we thank you for coming down.

Q. You were hot on the front nine and Zach was hot on the back nine; is it a case of timing is everything, and for a guy who has never won a major in these conditions what does that say about him that he can do that on the back nine?
RETIEF GOOSEN: Zach has been a good player for a long time now as well and it's probably thanks to Zach that I'm sitting here because he messed up on Friday for the last three holes for me to make the cut. So in a way I'm happy I'm here, but in a way I'm sad I didn't win it.
I played very solid on the front nine, and on the back nine I played solid, too. I just couldn't make a putt. I hit a couple of good shots coming in. 15, my third, I thought it was good and just bounced through.
16, somehow the ball stayed on that bank.
Overall, I'm very happy. Obviously giving myself a chance again, but I would like to one year maybe go a little bit further.

Q. Can you talk a little about what happened on 12?
RETIEF GOOSEN: 12, I hit a perfect shot just the way I wanted to hit it, 8-iron in the middle of the green there. I just hit the first putt too soft. It looked a little quicker going down there. And the second one, I just hit it too hard. I hit it through the break.
That was disappointing. I made a lot of good putts today and that one, I had the right line. Just like I said, the speed wore out. From then on, I played a very good shot into 14. I hit a very good putt and didn't go in. And I hit a very good shot into 16 and 17, just got stuck in the banks.

Q. It looked like you picked an iron off the 13th tee box; can you just talk about that?
RETIEF GOOSEN: It's one of these hybrid utility 1-iron-type things. I hit it quite a long way. In the past I've done it, and the fairways, as firm as they now are, you can probably hit that and still get a bit of run down there. If I feed a good one of those down the left side in, I would probably hit a 3-iron in for my second. I blocked it out right, laid up, hit the third just a little bit too hard and hit a good putt. Didn't go in.

Q. Finally some 60s up on that board, at least high 60s; was it the conditions or the setup or a combination of both?
RETIEF GOOSEN: I think the par 5s were, today, the pins were in the easiest positions. Definitely the second; all of them seemed to sort of feed towards the hole on all of the par 5s.
I managed to birdie two of them today and messed up on the other ones.
But yeah, also I think the wind sort of died down a little bit in the last hour a little bit and made the guys score a little bit on these last few holes.

Q. The way the first three rounds played, it was like the U.S. Open, and were you hoping more for another U.S. Open-type day, where par would have been a good score?
RETIEF GOOSEN: Well, you know, they got us off to a tough start on the first hole, a very tough pin. I think they did well. I think they have got the perfect mix here. I think they knew that they could make it silly, and that's what they didn't want to do and they just got it to where the scores look like just around par.

Q. Can you walk us through your birdie on No. 2?
RETIEF GOOSEN: On No. 2, I hit a 3-wood off the tee just in the left rough. I laid up and then hit a sand iron to probably about six feet.
LARRY PUGH: Retief, congratulations again, and thank you for coming down.

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