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April 6, 2007

Justin Rose


Q. Disappointing ending there but thoughts on the day?
JUSTIN ROSE: I'm happy really I think. It was a hard, hard round of golf, way harder than yesterday. I think we got the tough end of the draw as it turned out. Greens were rock hard, fast, spiked up this evening and so it was very, very difficult out there.
And yeah, I managed to create some birdie opportunities which I didn't make, but as I say, to shoot 3-over and not have a birdie was probably a decent round.

Q. Caught a fringe there on the back?
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, I hit a really good second shot in.

Q. What did you hit there?
JUSTIN ROSE: 5-iron. And I guess, I don't know, I knew how quick it was. I just over hit it and hit a good putt coming back actually. Just didn't break as much as I thought it might.

Q. What do you think of your chances now heading into the weekend?
JUSTIN ROSE: Good, I'm happy good. Place to be in the hunt, you know, obviously I would like to be one or two better but hey that really only matters come Sunday. I'm in a great spot. Probably would have taken it obviously before the week started.

Q. (Inaudible.)
JUSTIN ROSE: I had some treatment on my back and ended up rushing to my tee time.

Q. Did you watch the tapes (and DVDs to pass time before tee time today) and that sort of thing?
JUSTIN ROSE: No. Didn't have to.

Q. Thoughts of maybe being more similar -- is there anything to that or is that too much, the cold wind here?
JUSTIN ROSE: No, I don't think it's as much -- I think we'd all rather be playing in 70-degree nice weather. I'm certainly not disappointed with that. I feel my short game is in good shape and I feel like I'm quite creative with my long game, so playing in the wind won't be a problem.

Q. How do you feel prepared to cope with the challenge?
JUSTIN ROSE: I feel really relaxed. I feel like I'm taking shots on the chin out there and getting up-and-down and really staying on an even keel, and that's good and obviously harder as the week goes on. But I'm in a good frame of mind.

Q. After the two days of experience, how does that help you confirm your own self-belief?
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, certainly to come to a major and to be in the hunt obviously feel like I'm playing okay, is good for the confidence for sure, and, you know a sign obviously that I'm where I need to be with everything.
I certainly feel like I'm not hitting exactly as I'd like but certainly my short game has been sharp and that's kept me in it. But probably you know you can feel like you're not hitting great, because it's impossible to hit every green out here the way it's playing.

Q. But you're in contention and you feel that there's more to come?
JUSTIN ROSE: Exactly. I'm hoping obviously the momentum keeps building throughout the week, so that's obviously the plan.

Q. Do you think your move to the U.S. has given you the experience to cope on a course like this?
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, I think so. Certainly you don't get conditions like this week-in, week-out on the PGA TOUR. I mean obviously that's not the case. But certainly some weeks they do play firm and fast like this and those are the weeks do prepare you in some way for this event.

Q. And the intensity of playing on the PGA TOUR, more money all the time, isn't it.
JUSTIN ROSE: Exactly. I don't think the money side of it is an issue and obviously your peers, you're more familiar with the guys. It's like easier to be more comfortable in the situation for sure.

Q. Mick back on the bag?
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, definitely made some good decisions out there and 17, for example, I was in trouble and he said to me, "Well, it's a much easier up-and-down from the right side of the green than the left." I had two kind of options. So I hit it right of the green, chipped and putted. Little things like that can make a difference.

Q. You couldn't miss anything yesterday. Was there something else, a struggle yesterday?
JUSTIN ROSE: No, you try and make every 6-footer on those greens. You can't make them all. You're trying to read putts from six feet, which are breaking eight, nine inches. You're not going to make them all unfortunately.

Q. (About conditions).
JUSTIN ROSE: Wind is gusting so much -- bit of a struggle so that's all you can tell sometimes.

Q. Will there be more of that or less grinding?
JUSTIN ROSE: I think there's occasions for it. I think if we were to choose this week-in and week-out, you would not want to play in these conditions every week of the year but certainly a major seems to be what a examination paper is, to test players to the limits.

Q. Can you enjoy it when it's this hard?
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, in a sadistic way. (Laughter).
I think you've got to enjoy the challenge of it. Take the score oust the equation and just try and deal with everything better than any of your fellow competitors really.

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