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April 6, 2007

Ben Crenshaw


Q. On his round today.
BEN CRENSHAW: I'm sick to my stomach. I hate finishing with three bogeys. If you're a little off it's really difficult.

Q. Talking about the atmosphere.
BEN CRENSHAW: The course is really difficult. A day like today, it got glassy. You can't take liberties. Holes with short irons in, you must execute.

Q. In reference to the second year making the cut.
BEN CRENSHAW: I have fun playing. It's a very imaginative place. You have to play with instinct. There weren't many club selections I suffered with. I enjoy it.
I've had so many nice things here. I enjoy the way it's portrayed here. You have to rely on touch and imagination. Short irons for me? Par-5 holes, number 3.
I can't envision teeing it up here 50 times (referring to Gary Player's 50th time). It's remarkable. Fans are so kind. I've had had some very nice times here.
Player/Nicklaus/Palmer, they were good for each other. They were remarkable.

Q. In reference to the nature of the course now.
BEN CRENSHAW: You try not to get hurt.

Q. In reference to the leader board.
BEN CRENSHAW: One's that are up there, there's not a lot of up-and-downs.
Tim Clark is a very solid, solid player. He's adequate.
Number 15, that was nice. I wanted to hold steady.

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