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April 5, 2007

David Toms


SAM NUNN: We're pleased to have a great golfer here who had a great round, David Toms. David has won 12 PGA titles including the 2001 PGA at the Atlanta Athletic Club here in Georgia.
David, I know there are a lot of people that want to hear about your round. Great round.
DAVID TOMS: Thank you. You know, I felt real in control of what I was doing today. Drove the ball in the fairway for the most part. Hit a lot of real solid iron shots. Hit some that didn't turn out very well, but really felt like I was in control of what I was doing with the golf ball today.
Early in the round, the putter just wasn't acting right. I had a lot of makeable putts that I didn't capitalize on. Obviously you saw the end of my round; I made some nice ones to finish at 2-under par.

Q. How would you assess this year?

Q. So far.
DAVID TOMS: A solid start. Obviously not as well as I would like to do. Haven't really contended much. I've had a few Top 10's but nothing spectacular.
You know, just inconsistent. Nothing in particular. One week it will be the driver, another week it will be my iron play, another week my putting. If I can put it all together, I'll be up there again, soon.

Q. Any different approach today?
DAVID TOMS: I just felt like I needed a real solid game plan and take my time out there and think my shots out more so than years past, and was able to do that. I picked solid lines off the tee and drove the ball good. Hit a lot of iron shots where I was looking. Some of them didn't turn out great, but hit them right where I was looking. I had a good plan and I think that was a major part of it.

Q. Is the game better or different than the past years?
DAVID TOMS: No, my game has kind of been the same in the last, I guess, seven or eight years, you know, and when it's good, I have a lot of great results, and other times a little inconsistent.
But I know it's in there and it just a matter of executing the shots.

Q. Can you talk about the mood of the day? A lot of us thought it was one of the quietest competitive rounds in the Masters.
DAVID TOMS: It was for me. I was in the last group and I was the last player off. They were cleaning up trash and watering fairways and greens and mowing stuff.
For the most part, it was a real -- it was a calm day. You know, a few times when I was the last guy to putt out on the hole and everybody was clearing out, you know, because I was the last guy of the day to putt on that hole and had to tell everybody to stand still and wait just a minute; I'll be with you in a few minutes.
Like you said, it was a calm day at the Masters, but it was a good round for me and a good start. It was a day I'll remember.

Q. How long was that putt on 15?
DAVID TOMS: 15, I don't know. However far the pin was on because I was just about an inch off the front edge. That was one of those putts when you have a good round in a major championship, you'll look back and there's probably a shot or two here that made the day for you, and that was definitely the one that kept my round going.

Q. When you were a kid, did you like to play late in the day by yourself?
DAVID TOMS: Yes, absolutely.

Q. Like you did today almost.
DAVID TOMS: It was a lot like that where, you know, you sometimes needed the headlights on the last hole to finish up. I can remember those days. Usually getting a tee time that late, you have nice calm weather and not a lot of people going crazy out there and that's what it felt like.

Q. Wind?
DAVID TOMS: We didn't have much wind to deal with today. We were lucky in that late tee time; I think it was an advantage.

Q. Can you walk me through your birdies real quick?
DAVID TOMS: 9, I hit a great shot to the back of the green there, probably 12 feet away, and made a nice putt. That was the first putt I made of the day.

Q. What did you hit into 9?
DAVID TOMS: I hit 9. A 9 on 9. That's a tongue twister there.
That was solid and I birdied 11, I hit a 5-iron to five or six feet, and that was a great shot there.
14, I hit what I thought -- I couldn't have hit a better shot into the green on 14. I hit just over the hump as high as I could possibly hit an 8-iron and it went through the green, a few feet over the back of the green, and I made a nice putt there. That was actually a perfect spot to be, but I wasn't on the green and I made a nice putt.

Q. 20 feet maybe?
DAVID TOMS: Something like that.

Q. With the round in particular, the putt at 15, going in tomorrow, what does that do for your confidence?
DAVID TOMS: Like I said, I felt great on the golf course today. I was very patient and had a good plan and go out there tomorrow with the same thing. I feel good about what I can do on this golf course, the way it's playing right now.

Q. Your bogey on 5.
DAVID TOMS: I drove it just in the left rough short of the bunker. I hit about a 7-iron out of the rough. That's another hole where the rough came into play, thought I had the perfect club, hit a nice, high, soft shot, hit just underneath the hill and came back off the front of the green and I had a real long putt and ended up 3-putting. Even though I didn't feel like I hit a bad shot on that hole, I paid the price and made bogey.
SAM NUNN: David, I've got to ask you one question. Since I've been there, on 15 when you knocked it over the green and you're hitting that chip shot back toward the water --
SAM NUNN: How scary is that?
DAVID TOMS: That's a scary shot. I was in between, I didn't know what to chip with. I had in between a lob-wedge and a sand wedge and I went ahead with the sand wedge and tried to be aggressive and hit it into the hill. I thought I hit a perfect shot but it didn't catch as soft as it normally does there and hopped through the green. I was another foot away from going into the water. So it could have been a disaster and turned it into a par.
SAM NUNN: Was that your biggest what you would call break today?
DAVID TOMS: Absolutely. That's absolutely one of the biggest breaks I've had in this golf tournament, that's for sure.

Q. Three more days like this, what can win, do you think?
DAVID TOMS: You know, I think you'll see some guys each day have some good rounds, but for the most part, par is going to be a good score.
SAM NUNN: Okay. Thank you very much. Good luck.

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