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April 5, 2007

Tom Watson


Q. How was the course.
TOM WATSON: I played a fair round of golf. Didn't hit irons very well. One of those days. Hit it in right places, most of the time.
Greens are very firm, very hard. They bounce a lot. Had the feel I hadn't seen in years.
Haven't had the rain this week.
You've got to hit quality irons to get it to stop. I thought I was playing the senior tees a couple of times. Had the tees up in places. Today the tees were generous. But not at 18. They were in the back.
This wind is a tough wind. Got some holes in the wind. The golf course was a great test. All in all, I hit some decent shots. Iron play was poor. Hate to finish with a couple of bogeys. 75 is the average score for me on this golf course at my age.
It's tough, especially with this northwest wind.
No. 1, lousy drive, lousy second shot in bunker. To four feet.
Number 5, kind of turned my round around. Didn't play as well as I did in my practice round.

Q. Referring to the change of the course between practice round and the tournament round.
TOM WATSON: It was dramatic and it was wrong. You aren't going to get a lot of rounds in the 60s in this wind. The greens here make this golf course. They dressed it up around the tees. It's a little too fancy. I like having some freedom off the tees. It makes it longer, but gives more freedom off the tee.

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