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March 30, 2007

Adam Scott


ADAM SCOTT: I got equadistance from the opposite side, so, you know, I got a flat lie, not flat, an uphill lie like a baseball swing.

Q. Good start.
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah. Yeah. I'm playing really good, and then, you know, really I just putted poorly on the back nine, misread a few, hit a few bad putts. Some got away from me.

Q. Read too much into it?
ADAM SCOTT: I'm not to worried. Wasn't playing great all week. I started trying to figure it out on the back nine.

Q. You think nobody is going to run away with it?
ADAM SCOTT: I think someone will put a good 36 holes together on the weekend and go pretty low.

Q. Adam, what can you get out here this week that you wouldn't get if you were at home or just practicing at a course somewhere?
ADAM SCOTT: Competition.

Q. Is that the main reason you're out here is to kind of --

Q. Preparation like on the last shot?
ADAM SCOTT: Absolutely. You know, I've seen good progress last couple of weeks in my ball striking, and, you know, it would be nice to go out and be really solid on the greens that week.

Q. You weren't feeling really good out there last week. Could it be the weather?
ADAM SCOTT: Just got a little down on myself on the course. I was expecting more out of myself. I worked really hard to get into good form at Doral and had a couple bad holes early in the week.

Q. What's the best part of your game? Putting?
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah. I mean, I putted solid this week, and it will be nice. I don't know. Some of the greens are quick, and some are not. It's hard to tell. I've got to knuckle down and focus.

Q. What's kind of your assessment of the difference of conditions, how that played into the way you had to attack?
ADAM SCOTT: For me the wind was up. I didn't play in the wind yesterday, but I got to say the greens were quicker today overall. I think a couple were much quicker.

Q. Have you been to Augusta yet this year?
ADAM SCOTT: I was there Monday.

Q. What did you think?
ADAM SCOTT: It's beautiful. Beautiful condition. Maybe the best condition I've seen it in ever.

Q. You said the other day you thought that you guys might be able to get to 20-under with the wind. It's obviously 6 is the lead after 36.
What do you think has made it more difficult than what you may have thought in the practice rounds?
ADAM SCOTT: I don't really know, to be honest. I mean, I'm assuming other people have struggled with the greens. I don't know. But it's grainier than I thought, but my putting -- I don't know. I maybe left some shots out there with the putting. My ball striking is really good.again.

Q. Why is that?
ADAM SCOTT: I think the shot into 17 was pretty nice shot, really controlled 9-iron. I had 147, just a hard right to left wind, just controlling it and holding it against the wind.

Q. (Indiscernible).
ADAM SCOTT: Lots of those kind of shots, you have to keep it straight rather than moving it in the wind.

Q. Will you spend any time on putting tonight?
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, I think I need to.

Q. With all the momentum you built, are you awfully surprised the way it unfolded down the stretch? Did you really feel like you had your A game going through 10?
ADAM SCOTT: Well, I was playing good, and I didn't really hit that bad of a tee shot on 11, but it took a bit of a -- I drew it instead of straight. It took a left out and I 3-putted from there.
Things kind of got a bit squirrely after that. Lack of concentration, probably.

Q. What did you say to David when you got to 18? You said something to David Toms who kind of laughed when you got on the green there?
ADAM SCOTT: He was just saying "Good shot," and I was kind of shaking my head, "You've got to be kidding?"

Q. I thought maybe you're telling him I'm inside.

Q. How was he playing?
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, around here -- I've got to say he's not playing his best, either. The course is about as easy as you'll see setup-wise.

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