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March 26, 2007

Alejandro Falla


THE MODERATOR: Questions, please?

Q. Can you talk about the match a little bit today?
ALEJANDRO FALLA: Yeah, today I think I was a little bit tired and I didn't play my best today. He did. He played very well, very intelligent match because he didn't hit hard.
He wasn't hitting hard, just pushing the ball most of the -- part of the game. It was windy today, so that was difficult. And when I had the chance to come back, because I was 4-1 in the first set down, then I broke him. I broke back, and then I was 40-15 4-3 for him, and then I missed. At advantage I hit a double fault, so then I gave my game away. Then it was 6-3.
Then second set was just a break and I couldn't find my game and gave it back.

Q. Does he usually come to the net? Were you expecting that?
ALEJANDRO FALLA: Yeah, I was expecting he was coming to the net a lot. When he came, I hit like passing shots, so -- he was mostly on the baseline after that.

Q. Why do you think that is? Did he change his game a little bit today?
ALEJANDRO FALLA: Yeah, I think he knew that if he played fast with me it's better for me and worse for him. So he was just pushing the ball, especially to my backhand side.
Normally everybody plays to my forehand side, so today was the other way so I didn't think about it. I felt under pressure because I was missing my best shot.

Q. Do you think maybe you should have been more aggressive?
ALEJANDRO FALLA: Yeah, definitely. I should have been more aggressive today. I was pushing the ball. It was so difficult because it was windy today, so yeah.

Q. The other thing is about the lucky loser. The whole thing, the whole experience, is this the farthest you've ever come as a lucky loser?
ALEJANDRO FALLA: Yeah, I think it was a really great week. I took a chance. It was a really big chance for me today. Yeah, reaching the third round was a very good turnout for me.

Q. But this was the best you've done?
ALEJANDRO FALLA: Yeah, this was the best I've done.

Q. You would have been in Mexico, right, Mexico City?
ALEJANDRO FALLA: Yeah, I was supposed to play there.

Q. How will this benefit you, this instead of Mexico?
ALEJANDRO FALLA: I think mostly give me confidence because this is what I'm working for, to be in this kind of tournaments. Here you get confident, you get good points, everything is in here. So I think it's better to play here than challengers.

Q. Also, money-wise, even the third round, is it better than it would have been in Mexico?
ALEJANDRO FALLA: Yeah, it was about the same. Winner in Mexico gets about the same what I got here, but it doesn't matter.

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