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March 24, 2007

Niclas Fasth


Q. A terrific round of golf, I understand there's a problem with your putter.
NICLAS FASTH: Yeah, it was a bit interesting, it was just a fraction loose but still you don't want any problems with your putter, do you. So it's a little tricky. I didn't have much choice really.

Q. Did you call an official just to check the situation?
NICLAS FASTH: Yeah, I wasn't sure about the rule really. If you damage a club in anger, say, then usually you can't use it but I don't have a clue what's happened here.
It's just a little bit loose so I have something to sort out now for sure.

Q. 3-under on the front nine --
NICLAS FASTH: Well, you never know. I didn't putt bad, but I didn't make many more birdies after that. Who knows, who knows.

Q. How are you feeling about your game in general?
NICLAS FASTH: Good. It has been good all year really. Some rounds I've been scoring well, some I haven't. This week is all right. I'm really happy about how the game feels. It's certainly developing better and I played really well.

Q. What about this course, is it one where you saw the golf course, you thought, "I fancy my chances here"?
NICLAS FASTH: I don't know, it's tough. But I usually play all right in wind, and we are certainly getting a lot of wind here. It's a tough course and you need to get up-and-down quite a few times every round and usually suits me as well, so I guess it suits me then.

Q. What's the game plan tomorrow?
NICLAS FASTH: I'll just keep playing really. I'll have to have a pretty good day to catch up with the leaders. But the game is strong enough, so if I get on a run, I can do something.

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