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March 23, 2007

Ian Poulter


Q. You needed a good round today and got one. How does it feel?
IAN POULTER: It feels very nice to actually come out and play golf and not have to put your rain jacket on and off 20 times. I played really solid today. I hit the ball very, very good off the tee, put it in position I think the first five or six holes, I had ten-foot birdie putts. Managed to take a couple of those and just wore the golf course down. Played fantastic, didn't really hit it in any trouble. That's what you have to do around this golf course.

Q. You like to play aggressively; did you have to temper that and be careful?
IAN POULTER: Yeah, it's really tricky with the crosswinds, and there's a few carries over water, a few tight pins, and you can get caught short if the ball floats at all and you're not on your guard, then you're making double or triple. I've seen a few people do that over the years.
So you have to be careful.

Q. 18th even more brutal today, slightly more into the wind?
IAN POULTER: Yeah, it was across off the left again. I had a tricky yardage, 3-iron was probably the perfect club. If it had floated, it wouldn't have made the carry. I hit 5-wood, got it going through the wind, pitched one past it beyond the grandstand and managed to get down. You can get caught between clubs there and be made to look silly.

Q. Speaking about getting caught you did a little trick on Adam Scott the other day, Tabasco sauce down the straw; Butch Harmon was just telling the story. Has he got you back?
IAN POULTER: Not yet. I'm expecting pay back.

Q. We'll look forward to it.
IAN POULTER: I won't. (Laughing)
Q (How is the course playing compared to yesterday)?
IAN POULTER: Very different. Obviously it's nice to go and play probably only five-mile-an-hour difference in the wind, maybe ten at times. But you didn't have to put your rain jacket on and off all day and fight with the umbrella. So you could get into a nice rhythm out there on the golf course and I think you see a few good scores out there. If you struck it really well, you could certainly -- you could certainly score low.

Q. 24, 25 putts the first two rounds; new greens treating you well?
IAN POULTER: Yeah, greens are fantastic. They are probably as true as we've putted on all year, so it's nice to get on a surface, especially with Augusta coming up in a couple of weeks, where if you see the line and you hit it on your line, the ball is going to go in the hole, so that they are running really nice out there.

Q. And with the conditions this dry, do you think it's going to be harder -- they will be less receptive as far as hitting shots in?
IAN POULTER: Absolutely. I hope it does firm up a little bit because you can play the ball down. There's a few very wet fairways out there still and it's probably the right decision to play ball up right now. But if it carries on like this, it will be nice if it does firm up a touch. It will make it really tricky.

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