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September 22, 2006

Charley Hoffman


PHIL STAMBAUGH: Okay. Charlie, a nice birdie, birdie finish today gets you in at 67 and you're right in the thick of it going into the weekend. week.

Couple thoughts about the round today.

CHARLEY HOFFMAN: Played alright. Actually just really played good. I bladed a bunker shot on 3 today, made double. That's about the only bad shot I hit all day and I paid for it.

PHIL STAMBAUGH: Okay. Talk about the course today versus yesterday.

CHARLEY HOFFMAN: Wasn't quite as breezy and a little cooler for sure. Little bit of a cloud cover and played about the same, firm and fast.

PHIL STAMBAUGH: Okay. You want to just run through your birdies, if you could?

CHARLEY HOFFMAN: Yes. Birdied 14. Hit up by the green in two. That was my first birdie. 16, actually made a good long putt for birdie there, about 35 footer.

Then made about 12 footer on 4. 6, I hit it to about five feet, made that. 8, I made about a 30 footer and 9 I made a putt just off the green so it was good little finish.

PHIL STAMBAUGH: What club did you use at 6?

CHARLEY HOFFMAN: 6 I hit a 9 iron.

PHIL STAMBAUGH: You bladed a shot at 3.

CHARLEY HOFFMAN: Hit it in the left bunker. Bladed a bunker shot, chipped it up to about 7 feet and missed.

PHIL STAMBAUGH: Okay. Can you sort of summarize your year to this point?

CHARLEY HOFFMAN: Put myself in contention a few times. I'm mid 90s the money list. I think I should be a little bit higher than that considered I played pretty good the first two rounds.

I haven't really done much on the weekends. Hopefully I'll be able to finish it off this weekend.


Q. What's the difference, do you think, for you to be able to have better weekends than you've had before?

CHARLEY HOFFMAN: I sort of analyzed it after I didn't not that I played bad, I just didn't make as many birdies on the weekend. I think I got a little conservative.

I didn't stop being aggressive, which is my nature is to be a little more aggressive on the golf course. I sort, in trying not to make the mistakes, I didn't make any birdies. Not that I didn't play bad, I shot even par. I stay aggressive on the weekend and don't change the game plan, I should be alright.

Q. Does this course allow you to be aggressive moreso than any others?

CHARLEY HOFFMAN: You have a lot of wedges into these greens. The pin placements I'm sure are pretty tough on the weekend. Hit a bad shot, you have a chance to bake bogey. The rough is hard to chip from.

Q. Were you actually on the green on 16 or just off?

CHARLEY HOFFMAN: 16. No, I laid up. Actually I laid way back, then I missed the green just left and made the putt.

Q. You were right on the fringe.

CHARLEY HOFFMAN: No. I was on the fringe on my second shot so I made that one for birdie, yeah.

Q. With four birdies, pretty much after that double, you kind of did you came right back.

CHARLEY HOFFMAN: You sort of got to laugh it off in a situation like that, the blade. You usually don't blade a bunker shot. I did and you just got to go on. Might have just fired me up a little bit to keep going after the pins.

Q. Was it a tricky lie?

CHARLEY HOFFMAN: It was a pretty easy bunker shot. I just got the ball first.

Q. You probably have been asked about your hair a lot. It's a different style from what we usually see coming in here.

CHARLEY HOFFMAN: Yeah. Something a little different. Maybe stand out a little bit. I'm from San Diego originally so I wouldn't look that different out there.

Q. Obviously you mentioned it being calmer but as the day was going on, did it swirl at all or was it pretty consistent?

CHARLEY HOFFMAN: Pretty consistent. The wind blew all today but it wasn't quite as windy as it was yesterday. Pretty much knew where it was coming from all day.

PHIL STAMBAUGH: Anything else? Charlie, continued good luck. I appreciate it.

End of FastScripts.

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