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September 24, 2006

Darren Clarke

Sergio Garcia

Paul McGinley

Colin Montgomerie

Jose Maria Olazabal

Henrik Stenson

Lee Westwood

Ian Woosnam


GORDON SIMPSON: Well, Ian Woosnam and his victorious Ryder Cup Team. Ian, it's been an historic day for you, for the team, for the Ryder Cup. Is this now the pinnacle of your life?

CAPTAIN IAN WOOSNAM: I've got to say, this is the pinnacle of my life, because I've won many tournaments around the world. I won a major tournament, I've been No. 1 in the world, and I've got to say, this is the proudest moment of my life.

DES SMYTH: Here, here. Well said. (Applause.)

GORDON SIMPSON: And the method in which it was achieved, as well.

CAPTAIN IAN WOOSNAM: Well, when you have 12 fantastic players like this and the back room staff of what I've got, they made my job very easy. And I appreciate coming out strong today, and with a great victory again that we've had, I'll have a word with Paul McGinley later. (Laughter.) It could have been a record. But let's just say, I'm very, very happy.

GORDON SIMPSON: Thank you for these remarks, Ian.

Q. Paul and Lee, a lot has been made of Darren's contribution, inspiration, but can you talk about Colin's contribution to the team and what he means to this team, both Lee and Paul. Lee?

COLIN MONTGOMERIE: Careful, lads, carefully. Make it good.

LEE WESTWOOD: Monty is simply a leader on the course and off it excuse me, my voice is going rapidly. He's proven today to be an inspiration when he goes out first. He's a pretty quick player as well, so he likes going out first.

SERGIO GARCIA: He was really quick.

LEE WESTWOOD: Old man, David Toms, he was running around. Was that eight in that last singles?

COLIN MONTGOMERIE: Apparently so, I got lucky. (Applause.)

GORDON SIMPSON: Colin, your game today, it was important to get off to a flyer, and you did it.

COLIN MONTGOMERIE: It doesn't matter what position you play on the team, and I was just delighted to be part of this team, never mind where I played. Ian thought it was good I went out first, I'm probably the quickest player on the team, and it was important that I got off to a good start and got some blue on the board early, which I did from the third hole onwards. And never allowed it to get back to square.

All I would like to say is I'm very proud to be part of the 12 here yet again, and to equal the record score in Oakland Hills. We never thought that would be possible again for many, many years, and we've done it the very next time and I'm very proud to be part of that team.

Q. Besides Henrik's winning putt, what was the most defining moment of your weekend?

CAPTAIN IAN WOOSNAM: Well, I've got to say, I think you all know that question. I don't think I need to answer it. I think you've seen that emotion on the 16th green.

Q. Ian, or Woosie?

CAPTAIN IAN WOOSNAM: That's my name.

Q. I'm getting confused. Your style of captaincy was completely different to Tom Lehman's captaincy. I thought he was a fantastic captain and I've been watching him closely for months, and your style of captaincy is less is more captaincy and it was obviously the right way to go about doing it. Would you like to make a comment on that?

CAPTAIN IAN WOOSNAM: Basically, when you've got, again, 12 great players, it makes your job easy. It was difficult to come in here with a game plan. I had to see how the guys were playing at the time.

I have to say, I was disappointed to leave any player out in the foursomes in the first day.

You know, I left out three players who were in the top 14 of the world, and that was a very difficult decision. But I did think this course was a very long course, and it demanded length off the tee. And I used that, and I think it's worked out successfully.

Every single person here today has contributed half a point or a point, which is unbelievable.

Q. Question for Paul and then Henrik. Paul, has it crossed your mind since that you could have created a record if perhaps you'd made J.J. make that putt, and what are you going to the Captain? And to Henrik, obviously a very momentous occasion for you. Can you just give us some idea of how you feel that you're the man that holed the winning putt?

PAUL McGINLEY: Yes, it has crossed my mind. I have been told on several occasions. (Laughter.) And I'll tell you what, it's not finished yet.

But, you know, it was a gesture that was done in the right spirit. It was done I'd been thinking about it before he crossed, before that clown came over, the streaker.

LEE WESTWOOD: It wasn't even a woman? I haven't seen it yet. I'm glad. (Laughter).

PAUL McGINLEY: I asked Des what to do. He wouldn't make a decision on it.

DES SMYTH: (Laughing .)

PAUL McGINLEY: Thanks for helping me out, Des. I don't want to make a big deal about it to be honest. It was a great team performance. We won by a huge margin. We really thumped them, and I'm very proud of all the rest of the players on the team.

And maybe I'll just take this opportunity to just mention Heather, Darren's wife who has passed away. She would be right in the middle of all this if she was here, and Big D, you've been great this week, and we're so proud of the way you've handled everything. And not only that, but the way you've played as well. All credit, we're one big family, and we miss Heather dearly. (Applause.)

CAPTAIN IAN WOOSNAM: Paul, I'll let you off now.

HENRIK STENSON: Just everybody went out today to try to do the job in the matches, and I was no different. Holing the winning putt on that hole or not, it doesn't really matter. As Paul said, it was a magnificent team performance, and it just happened to be that way. I'm also very pleased and proud to be part of this team and the way we played this week.

Q. Darren, I'm wondering if you can talk about how you ignited in that match of yours. Suddenly you came on incredibly well, and then at the end, when you talk about your golf, if you can just reply to what Ian said.

DARREN CLARKE: About what, about how I was feeling on the 16th green?

Q. The emotion at the end.

DARREN CLARKE: Obviously the emotion was huge, Lewine. I'm delighted Woosie chose to give me a pick, along with Lee here. It's been fantastic to be part of this team. The support I've had this week from my teammates on this table, from their wives, from the American team, the American wives, captains, vice captains, everything. The crowd has been very, very touching. It's meant a lot to me, and to contribute to the team and score some points for the team has been great.

As I said whenever I told Woosie I was able to play for the team, if I wasn't able to benefit or contribute to the team, I wouldn't have accepted. I'm just glad I was able to give my teammates a few points.

Q. And what about your golf this afternoon?

DARREN CLARKE: My golf this afternoon was okay. I found it very difficult, I got off to a pretty decent start. I got up a lead. I was looking at the board sorry, Woosie, but I was looking at the board a little bit. I found it very difficult to not get ahead of myself and keep my emotions in check whenever it was obvious it could come down to my putt. I lost myself a few times out there, but I managed to keep on going and do what I had to do.

Unfortunately Henrik here fortunately Henrik holed the winning putt. I didn't think you got that one there I thought it had gone over your head. (Laughter.)

Henrik holed it, but I'm just delighted to have helped my teammates here. We have been an unbelievable team this week and to perform the way that we have done and play the way we have done, every guy from No. 1 to No. 12, not that there's anybody in any order from No. 1 to No. 12, has been fantastic to be part of the team. (Laughter.)

Q. How has it been playing together and representing apart from Europe, a small country in golf tradition, compared to Scotland or Ireland or these big countries, and how do you feel about representing Spain in this European victory?

JOSE MARIA OLAZÁBAL: Well, it's not the first time. (Laughter.) I think Spain has been well represented all through the years, well before Sergio and I, with Garrido and so on, and Rivero, Piñero. There's many, many Spanish players that have played on the European side. We're just happy to follow that trend, that line. It's a very special event, very unique. The more you play, the more you realise that, and especially when years go by.

You know, hopefully we'll do great things for golf in Spain, but the most important thing is just to support the team and contribute to the team, and that's what we're here for.

SERGIO GARCIA: Well said. Should I answer in Spanish?

Come on, Renee, you're not getting this? I thought you were working on your Spanish.

(Answer in Spanish.)

Should I say it in English? (Laughter.)

DAVID HOWELL: Well said.

SERGIO GARCIA: It was, wasn't it?

Q. A question for Woosie, and this will be in English.


Q. On the day you accepted the job, you said you would be very happy with a one point win. Are you amazed you are sitting here with another nine point win, and can you talk about the potential of the team, as well the talent they have showed this week?

CAPTAIN IAN WOOSNAM: Yeah, 18 months ago, when they asked me to be captain, any victory would be fantastic, and to walk away with the same record Bernhard Langer has, I think it is, isn't it, is unbelievable. It is a dream come true for me. I've been worried about it. Been worried about it for 18 months, because it's an unbelievable responsibility to be a captain. It's all right standing there as a player, because you're only one person you can letdown is yourself.

I've had some criticism over the last few months, but that's gone and past and we've got the victory we wanted to and I have 12 tremendous guys to help me, thank you very much.

And it just shows, I've been saying for a long time now, there was so many players that were in the team, and I could have gone down, how many guys have won so many tournaments, you know, we could have had two teams out here. I'm not saying that we would have got this result, but it just shows the potential of European golf. I think we got strength and depth for a long time to come, and I think the future of the Ryder Cup is going to look great for Europe.

Q. Similar question for Colin.

COLIN MONTGOMERIE: I think there's just 11 potential players on this team, and me. I'm well past that potential stage.

Q. You said you were surprised about the nine point victory again, but do you think this shows that potential may have swung to that there is now a wider gap and a wide gap between your side and theirs in terms of talent and depth, and do you think that this might signal a European domination for a period of time?

SERGIO GARCIA: For the last seven years, at least for the last seven years.

COLIN MONTGOMERIE: Well, we've won five out of the last six.

SERGIO GARCIA: That's true.

COLIN MONTGOMERIE: If it wasn't for a very difficult Sunday at Brookline, we'd have been six out of six. So that's fairly dominant. (Laughter.)

I think that we have strength and depth on our European Tour. And as Ian so rightly said, we could have put almost two teams out this particular year as good as the one sitting here tonight. We have a superb strength and depth now in Europe that we haven't had when I first started playing in '88, and we have a superb strength and depth. And we look forward to Kentucky in two years' time.

SERGIO GARCIA: And hopefully we won't get asked if the Nationwide Tour is the second best tour in the world anymore.

LUKE DONALD: Behind Europe.


Q. You told us on Tuesday that you made a special DVD for watching with a special theme was and could you tell us if it was history or if you have your own Welsh ministration on it or if you had Paul McGinley's record on it? Could you tell us what the theme was of the DVD?

CAPTAIN IAN WOOSNAM: TWI made a collection of obviously fantastic moments of the Ryder Cups of the past, and the guys who have

SERGIO GARCIA: Woosie, you're telling our secret.

CAPTAIN IAN WOOSNAM: Oh, exactly, I forgot about that, Sergio.

SERGIO GARCIA: Don't tell, please.

CAPTAIN IAN WOOSNAM: We just made an emotional tape which was a tape which was just made to fire the guys up, and I think it did the job. I think that's proved in the score.

Q. A question for Paul Casey and David Howell. You two guys are battling it out at the top of the Order of Merit, but you came together this week. Does that signify how The European Team just do gel in a competition like this?

DAVID HOWELL: Well, at the end of the day, when you sit up at the Ryder Cup, all individual results and how things are going, Order of Merits and tournament victories just become irrelevant. We're 12 guys here and we're playing for Europe, and it's just irrelevant when we get here. You know, I was delighted, Paul over took me last week (laughter), which I hadn't thought about at all. (Laughter.)

But, you know, I was just pleased at punch to play with Paul again yesterday. It just goes to show that it's just not an individual game, the Ryder Cup. It's all about the team, and I think we do that better than whether we do that better than the Americans is up for debate, but we do that as well as anybody, and pleased as punch to play with Paul and I just wish I could stop saying "pleased as punch," to be honest with you. (Laughter.)

CAPTAIN IAN WOOSNAM: I think you've got to sum it up with what Paul Casey put it in the paper last week. He would rather win a proud as punch, yeah. (Laughter.) He would rather win a Ryder Cup than win a million pounds. That's just unbelievable. It just shows how much commitment this team has got.

PAUL CASEY: There is no tournament in the world that winning as an individual is a wonderful thing, and last week was a great victory for me.

COLIN MONTGOMERIE: Pleased as punch there.

PAUL CASEY: I haven't won majors, I haven't won Order of Merits, but in my career, I haven't experienced anything like winning a Ryder Cup. There's just nothing that compares to this. And to share it with more than 11 guys, I mean, the whole back room staff, it's just a very, very special thing. This provides this is history, and this provides many wonderful memories.

SERGIO GARCIA: Pleased as punch.

Q. Paul, can you talk about what it means for you guys to know that you guys have someone like Colin on the team that performs as well as he does in this competition?

COLIN MONTGOMERIE: Be nice. I'm old.

CAPTAIN IAN WOOSNAM: You think you're old?

PAUL CASEY: Woosie, do you want to answer that? You know Colin better than I.

CAPTAIN IAN WOOSNAM: Do I want to answer it?

SERGIO GARCIA: They have got Walt Disney, we've got Colin. (Laughter.)

COLIN MONTGOMERIE: I think I'll take that as a compliment.

CAPTAIN IAN WOOSNAM: I think Colin Montgomerie, I think he has been an unbelievable player for Europe, and he's won, is it eight Order of Merits?


CAPTAIN IAN WOOSNAM: And if there's anybody that deserves to win a major tournament, it's Colin Montgomerie. Never been beaten in a singles, ever, in a Ryder Cup.

SERGIO GARCIA: Here, here.

(Team applauds Colin.)

Q. Darren, could you just explain to us, please, what Ian Woosnam's captaincy has meant to you, how it's helped you, and on a lighter note, just what you made of his attempt to down a pint of Guinness in one go, please.

DARREN CLARKE: He took ten seconds too long to down that pint of Guinness.

CAPTAIN IAN WOOSNAM: A 10th quicker than you did, and I'll prove it now if you want to get them out on the table. (Laughter.)

DARREN CLARKE: I'm a little bit younger than you are. Just mind your age here.

CAPTAIN IAN WOOSNAM: There's nothing like experience. (Laughter.)

DARREN CLARKE: If you keep up with me, you'll be doing okay, don't worry about that.

CAPTAIN IAN WOOSNAM: We'll see about that tonight.

SERGIO GARCIA: There's a challenge here.

CAPTAIN IAN WOOSNAM: No doubt about it.

DARREN CLARKE: Guinness, that's why picked me for the team, there was no other reason whatsoever.

CAPTAIN IAN WOOSNAM: When I said we're going to have a party, we are going to have a party, boys.

DARREN CLARKE: What was the question? (Laughter.)

Q. That was the most interesting part, but just what the captaincy of Ian has meant for you and how it's helped you get through this.

DARREN CLARKE: Woosie has been great. All of us sitting here, he's spoken to us, he's told us what to do, but he's had 12 players here this week playing well, and I've been part of this is my fifth Ryder Cup, and I can't remember an occasion before where we had 12 guys all playing so well. So I think Woosie's only dilemma this week was who to rest and who to play. You can see from the result that he chose wisely. Thankfully, thanks to Woosie giving me Lee to play with for my first couple of days, which has been a great friend and ally and all sort of stuff with Lee, Woosie's plans and everything came together.

And he's been a great captain. I'm sure all of the rest of the players would agree. He's done everything absolutely perfect. And I think the bottom line is, the score reflects that, and if you take a look at what we've done this week, I think it's pretty huge to follow that up with the result in Detroit a couple of years ago, to follow that up and do it again this week. I think that says everything about Woosie.

Q. Question for Colin similar to the one Darren has just answered. You've played under a number of captains, can you sum up Woosie's captaincy?

COLIN MONTGOMERIE: I just have to reiterate what Darren has just said. I think that respect, the one thing that a team need of a captain is respect, and there was 12 members of this team that respected Ian Woosnam as a person and as a captain. We wanted to win for him, and that's what we do on this team. I don't hole a putt for me; I hole a putt for Ian; I hole a putt for Darren or Lee or Padraig or well, I tried to hole a putt for Padraig, I missed. (Laughter.)

PADRAIG HARRINGTON: (Raising a hand.)

COLIN MONTGOMERIE: We play for each other, and we played for Ian Woosnam this week, and we're all just thrilled, thrilled, for him, and for Glen. And yes, we're going to have a good party later on.

Q. This is a question for Luke. Luke (chants of L u u u u uke.)

LUKE DONALD: (Bowing.)

SERGIO GARCIA: Use the force.

LUKE DONALD: The only player with my own chant, it's pretty special.

Q. You played amateur golf for England and you played college golf in the States. How do you think the respective systems would prepare a player for this sort of competition?

CAPTAIN IAN WOOSNAM: (Chanting L u u u u uke.)

Q. You played stroke play as a college golfer in the States; I just wonder how do the respective systems prepare you for something like this?


DARREN CLARKE: That's a curveball.

SERGIO GARCIA: Think about this one.

LUKE DONALD: It's a few years ago since I've been amateur.

Obviously I worked my way up through the rankings in England through the EGU and their systems, and then I went to America for four years and I think the college system

SERGIO GARCIA: (Nodding off to sleep.)

LUKE DONALD: The college system over there was great. More and more guys from Europe and England are going over to America because they do have a great college system and I think I wouldn't be as good a player as I am now if I had not been there. But it's not for everyone and um, well, I don't know what else to say, really.

SERGIO GARCIA: Don't say anything.

LUKE DONALD: Okay, I won't say any more. (Laughter.)

Q. Sergio, can you just talk about your match this morning? Cink obviously had a hot putter and he had that chip in on the last hole and came back and hit that long putt. Can you just talk about how that hole went?

SERGIO GARCIA: No, I don't think he had a hot putter; I think his putter melted, must have melted. I've never seen anything like it.

We came out in the rain, and you know, he starts birdie, birdie on me, and then I birdie 3 to get it back to 1 down. And I'm thinking, well, here we go. And then he goes birdie, birdie again. So I'm playing pretty decent on tough conditions and 1 under par through 5, and I'm 3 down.

So when I got to 5, I thought, well, should I make this short and go help my partners or should I at least try to get a bit farther down the road. So I saw Woosie on 8 and he gave me a bit of a fist pump and a bit of a charge, and I won that hole and I thought I was coming back nicely.

I made a great he got quite lucky on 10 to make par after hitting the fence on the left. And then I birdied the next, which was nice, to get back to 3 down. And then he holes a 60 footer on me on 12 and then another 40 footer on the next; I have to make a 20 footer to halve. And then to finish up on 15, I chip in and he rolls off a 20 footer, so thank you very much, and see you in two years. (Laughter.)

DAVID HOWELL: What happened on the 6th? You missed that one.

SERGIO GARCIA: I missed about a five footer.

DAVID HOWELL: I'd like that. (Laughter.)

Q. I want to pass this off to the older players on the team, whoever would like to answer.

SERGIO GARCIA: Pleased as punch.

Q. Colin, you are an older player now, Darren, Monty, Lee?

DARREN CLARKE: What about him? He's older than all of us. (Pointing to Ollie.)

COLIN MONTGOMERIE: At least ten years younger than I am.

Q. Where does this team rank, this European Team rank, among the teams that you've played on?


COLIN MONTGOMERIE: Tom Lehman's father came up to me on the 17th, behind the 17th, and he said that gentleman, Tom Lehman's father, and he said to me that this is the best European Team that's ever been assembled, and I'd have to agree with him.

Q. Why?

COLIN MONTGOMERIE: Because we're bloody good. (Laughter and applause.)

Q. Padraig, you're too quiet over there. Come into the party. Can you talk about

PADRAIG HARRINGTON: How I won the Ryder Cup? Yes.

Q. What was it like for you as an Irish player? What was it like for yourself there, Padraig, just coming in as an Irish player, expectations around you?

PADRAIG HARRINGTON: I'm actually relieved. That would be my biggest emotion now, because I really wanted to win the Ryder Cup in Ireland. I didn't want a situation, we won the last two Ryder Cups and I felt the U.S. Team would be up for this one, and I really didn't want to lose a Ryder Cup in Ireland. You know, this is a big occasion for Ireland. It's the first time it's here. Who knows when it will be back.

So it was very important that we won the Ryder Cup in Ireland. For me as an Irish person, it was a big deal. So one of the emotions I definitely felt after it was all over is relief that we won it, that we didn't lose, because it hasn't been here before, and it won't be here for another few years anyway.

So, yeah, it's a big deal to us. It's great that we've won. I'm sure, like all the European players, we're very proud to have won, but all the more special for the Irish guys to have won in Ireland.

Q. Gentlemen, you're going to have a celebration tonight. I would like to know


Q. Who will be the last man standing?

DARREN CLARKE: (Raising hand.)

LEE WESTWOOD: (Raising hands.)

DARREN CLARKE: I may not be standing, but I'll still be there.

LEE WESTWOOD: He's getting a little bit old now. He normally falls asleep in the car and I have to carry him home.

LUKE DONALD: Ian has an advantage with his center of gravity.

CAPTAIN IAN WOOSNAM: I'm already on the ground, aren't I?

Q. Colin, on Wednesday or Thursday, I think it was, you referred to the potential of having a role on the course. You said you would reveal more on Sunday what that role specifically was. Can you reveal that now?


SERGIO GARCIA: Next question? Next question?

CAPTAIN IAN WOOSNAM: Just getting out there and holing putts, winning the match, that's what it's all about, isn't it.

COLIN MONTGOMERIE: That's my role, really, to be honest with you. I didn't mean to expand on that so much. I just felt that I have a role here, and Ian obviously felt that I had one to go out first again. And it doesn't really matter where you are, but it was important I got off to a good start and that's what it was. Hopefully it gave the team a little bit of a breather that there was blue on the board early and very, very quickly, and that was my job. Whether I'll play in one of these again, I'm not sure, but it's always nice to lead off and to win.

Q. For any of you guys, all of you guys have played in the United States, some of you have lived there from time to time, you all talk about how special it is to win the Ryder Cup. Is it because you're beating the United States? Would it mean as much if you're beating Asia in a Presidents Cup kind of thing, or is it because it's the United States?

SERGIO GARCIA: The Presidents Cup, with all due respect, is not the Ryder Cup.

Q. So that would be a yes, because it's the use.

LUKE DONALD: The Ryder Cup is the U.S. versus Europe. That's just what it is.

SERGIO GARCIA: There's nothing sweeter than beating the Americans. (Laughter.)

Q. Lee, I was just thinking, you look a bit the way you normally do after the celebration. I wonder what the problem was health wise after Munich, if you're only going to play when you feel sick?

LEE WESTWOOD: Thanks, yeah. I'm feeling a little under the weather, but Darren

DARREN CLARKE: Face it, you know he's a hypochondriac. All the rest of the guys on the team know he's a hypochondriac. He's always going to be sick. It just so happened that he got through it today. You know he's always sick. He always plays his best when he's sick. Why do you ask him? You know he's sick. (Laughter.) Do you think that's going to stop him from having any less pints of Guinness tonight? No.

LEE WESTWOOD: I'm feeling all right, thanks, David.

CAPTAIN IAN WOOSNAM: I think I'd just like to say that, you know, that we are a team, and I've had a great support team, as well, behind me, Peter Baker, Des Smyth, Sandy Lyle and David Russell, and they have been brilliant. And your support of the press, as well, you've been brilliant this week, as well. Thank you very much.

And I know Paul spoke a little bit, what he said about Heather, but every single one of us have dedicated this to her, and Darren, thank you very much. (Players applauding.)

End of FastScripts.

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