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September 24, 2006

David Toms


Q. There's obviously going to be a lot of questions out there, this sort of score line. How do you explain something like this?

DAVID TOMS: Well, I think you can explain it that every close match went their way. That's what it looked like to me.

We had a lot of matches come down to 18, and any time you win that point instead of losing that point, that's a big difference at the end of the week. Certainly we had to play great today as a team to have any chance at all, and we just didn't get the red numbers early like we needed to to give some momentum to the rest of the guys.

I felt like a lot of our guys played pretty good golf individually this week. As a team we didn't seem to play great at times. We just didn't pick each other up when we needed to like they did. Certainly it didn't seem like we got the bounces that we needed, but a lot of that you bring upon yourself. You hit some shots and you hit good putts and make them and it makes a difference. We didn't play good as a team.

I felt like we practised good, we practised good, we came over here before. It was a long golf course for a lot of our players after it got wet. I think if it would have been dry, which chances are it's not going to be over here, but I think it might have been different for us.

Q. Do you think there's anything in the fact that it was obviously played in Ireland and it's very difficult if you're going into the final day, as many as four points down, even if you get some early points on the board, to try and get something going within the team?

DAVID TOMS: Sure it is. Any time you hear the roar for the other side early on, then you see the board, it goes up blue, blue, blue all over the place. We had a tough feat today to have any chance for sure. I thought we could. We liked the match-ups, but in the end they played too well for us.

Q. Is there any one or two changes you have to change the system by which players qualify? Do you have to think about the courses you play in the States, make them play ones you guys play on a regular basis?

DAVID TOMS: It might help. Certainly they play here all the time. They play The Belfry all the time. We seem to go to major championship venues that we go to once every eight years, so that is different.

But at the same time, I think we had our best players playing. They changed the system a little bit to have current players on the team, you know, the guys that are playing the best, and that worked. I know the three teams that I've been on, as a team, we've had some good performances individually, but as a team we just haven't played well.

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