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June 23, 2001

Billy Andrade


NELSON LUIS: Thanks for coming down here.

BILLY ANDRADE: I shot 59 today. I birdied 13 holes in a row (laughter). It was the best round of my life. Are there any questions? I think that what Slugger is going to tell you is that tomorrow at 9 o'clock we are going to resume the third round. We are going to try to get 18 holes in tomorrow. We can't because the weather forecast is bad for the day to try to get 36 to finish the tournament. We are going to play on Monday and finish the tournament on Monday. So I think his -- what he said was kind of the standard now on the Tour which first and foremost is to try to get 72 holes of golf in. That's what they are trying to accomplish. So that's what is going on.

Q. You guys getting used to this?

BILLY ANDRADE: It seems to be, yeah, the way things the trend lately has been you know, play 'til dark up at 4:30, get ready to tee it at 7, resume play. I just thought it was a huge bonus that we are going to be able to sleep in until 9 instead of starting at 7 tomorrow more. I thought that was great.

Q. The forecast for Monday is somewhat questionable. Do you think they should say if it's a 50/50 chance of rain on Monday they should say up front that they are going not going to play on Monday and give you the chance to know that?

BILLY ANDRADE: I think what Slugger said to us or to me on the side that Monday looks pretty good. Tomorrow looks bad. So if that's the case, then we are going to hopefully try to get tomorrow in. If not, then you are going to have to go that Monday anyway to try -- per se we don't play all 18 tomorrow, then you can finish on Monday. At least get 54 in. But yesterday was supposed to be awful and it turned out pretty good. They knew today was not going to be a good day and tomorrow is supposed to be iffy, Monday the outlook right now is better. Who knows. The golf course took a tremendous amount of rain so far. We don't even know if we are going to be able to start at 9 o'clock in the morning if the golf course is going to be playable.

Q. Do you have to think of this when you tee off tomorrow in terms of it might be a 54-hole tournament? Does any part of that enter your mind?

BILLY ANDRADE: I would think, yes, that tomorrow is the big day to -- if you could sneak up on the leaders position that I am in at 3 under the leaders are at 7, that you know, you don't want to think -- you know that it is still 36 holes, but in the back of your mind you bet that you want to try to get something going or the guys that are leading --you are going to talk to Sergio, I don't know, he may think differently than I because he is awfully young. But I think that I would like to post a good score tomorrow and then see what happens after.

Q. 36-hole days, 4:30 wakeups, wearing on you at all?

BILLY ANDRADE: Well, I have been on the flip-side. I have been on the other side which is to play from -- like tee off at 6, 5, play 'til, you know, 9 then get up, so I haven't had the luxury the last couple of weeks to going the opposite. I was talking to Jim Furyk this morning. We were both watching a movie in the fitness van. He was like -- said he had no problem sleeping last night after playing 34 holes or whatever. So I think it does wear on guys. I think it just wears on everybody. We are all in the same boat. You are in the same boat as we are being up early, getting home late, you know, eating late, and then having to do this thing all again. Hanging around, waiting is definitely not a whole lot of fun.

Q. Does it favor-- all these type of delays does it favor any type of player, disposition-wise, play-wise?

BILLY ANDRADE: I don't think on this golf course. Usually on some golf courses that are long, like a Memorial, you know, it favors guys that hit it a long way because you are not going to get any roll. But this is a total position golf course and it doesn't favor really -- any type of player can win here. If I can win here then any type of player can win here. As much rain as it wants to rain, this isn't a golf course that favors a guy that hits it a long way and usually the trend of the Tour, the trend of the golf courses we play, longer is better and you don't have to worry about that here.

Q. Along those linings Billy, do you wish that the Tour would try to seek out a few more traditional courses like this?

BILLY ANDRADE: You can poll probably all the players. I think either you love this place or you don't. The guys that don't, don't come. So the guys that do come, absolutely love it because it is an old traditional style. The changes they have made have been fantastic here, and it would be great to be able to play more golf courses like this. But unfortunately we have become so popular and we have gone to the bigger venues, the place that's -- a lot of them that we own, that can bring in a lot more people; where you can't do that here, but I am an old traditionalist, I grew up down the road in Rhode Island. I grew up on a Donald Ross course. I grew up on something just like this and so I am always coming here because it is just a great place.

Q. Have you been following conversations going on between the PGA Tour and this tournament about possibly moving this event?

BILLY ANDRADE: I haven't heard anything except what I have read in the paper that the Mayor wants us to go to the Bronx or something. They are looking at a place there. It would be sad for me, personally, to leave a place like this. But who knows what the future holds. Hopefully we can stay here for many years to come, but you never know what motivates the Tour and what motivates the Buick or whoever about a different venue.

Q. Did you finish your first round this morning?

BILLY ANDRADE: I did. I played the last second through nine this morning. 8 holes.

Q. What were the conditions like then?

BILLY ANDRADE: Conditions were fine. It wasn't any problem. I really thought -- they had to play it up in the second round because you didn't know what to expect. But we could have played it down. It wasn't -- the golf course was fine as far as conditions, and how it handled the weather. But that rain that we got just before the start of the third round, was significant and a lot of the holes I guess were -- I guess a couple of holes weren't playable. That was the reason why we stopped.

Q. Would you prefer to try and play 36 tomorrow?

BILLY ANDRADE: Well, they are saying that there's no possible way with the weather forecasts. Personally, sure, I'd love to play 36 tomorrow and you know, let's have a champion tomorrow night and get out of here and go to the next. But you know, with the weather the way it is, just no way we could get that accomplished. So the way they were talking, it is going to be like I said, it is going to be hard enough just to get 18 in tomorrow.

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