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September 23, 2006

Colin Montgomerie

Lee Westwood


Q. Guys, you've just been looking over at the leaderboard. What do you reckon now, Lee?

LEE WESTWOOD: I wish that putt had gone in. We hit two fantastic shots to get to that position, just a shame I couldn't finish it off. We halved again.

COLIN MONTGOMERIE: We're unbeaten, Lee and I. We've played two unbeaten, which is good. I had a clumsy chip on 17 and 14, and Lee's putt just skimmed the hole, and there again, the two putts. But Lee's drive was fantastic at the last. It gave me an opportunity to hit a good 3 wood in there and give us a chance at eagle.

It wasn't to be, but a halve beats the option. So it looks again like unless we have a good fight back behind, we've won every session here, 2½ 1½, every foursome and fourball, and the gap is widening as we go onto the singles, which is great news.

Q. Is it starting to feel like Oakland Hills at all, Lee?

LEE WESTWOOD: No, we're just treating this Ryder Cup as a separate entity altogether and not thinking about Oakland Hills at all, just focusing on every day, not getting ahead of ourselves, not thinking about winning yet, and just trying to beat the opponents in front of you.

Q. It's getting difficult for the Americans. Do you sense it out there when you're playing against them, that they know they're up against it?

LEE WESTWOOD: No, they're playing tough. That's Vaughn's first Ryder Cup appearance, and he played good. He hit a lot of good shots.

COLIN MONTGOMERIE: All credit to him. It's not easy coming out in your fourth match, and foursomes golf is the toughest form we play, and he's hit a good 3 wood in there and he hit a good drive off 17, as well.

No, this is not complacency one iota here. This will be a tough day tomorrow.

End of FastScripts.

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