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September 23, 2006

Chad Campbell

Vaughn Taylor


SCOTT CROCKETT: Ladies and gentlemen, Vaughn, Chad, thank you very much for coming to join us. Appreciate your time. A great match with Colin and Lee today getting a halve. Let's get your thoughts, starting with you Vaughn, your first outing in the Ryder Cup, how did you find it today?

VAUGHN TAYLOR: It was pretty exciting today. It was a hard fought match, kind of back and forth. We just tried to hang in there and tried to get it done on 18, but, you know, they hit two great shots. We got the halve, so all in all, a pretty good day.

SCOTT CROCKETT: Chad, your thoughts on the afternoon?

CHAD CAMPBELL: It was a tough match. Both teams played pretty well. Felt like Vaughn played really well today. Hit a lot of good shots, a lot of clutch shots coming in, 16 and 18, two really good shots. It was a tough match and they are a tough team. Obviously would liked to have won, being 1 down, two to go.

Q. With today's result, did that give you some momentum or a little confidence going into tomorrow's singles knowing that you have to make up a bit of distance?

VAUGHN TAYLOR: Yeah, it was good to get out there and experience it and get comfortable. It was good to get a half point and I definitely feel better heading into tomorrow.

Q. The team was in a similar situation two years ago, which was your first time out. Can you talk about what you guys talked about going into Sunday two years ago and how you think that might have helped you or did it help and you how you think you'll approach as a team Sunday this time?

CHAD CAMPBELL: What we've got to do, you've got to get guys out there early in the morning, get leads, get some red up on the board.

Me and Vaughn were talking about it, the whole team was talking about it. We haven't been up in very many matches. It's all been all square or a couple down. You know, it's nice to look up there and see some red. So that's what we've got to go out there and do tomorrow is get some guys out there early winning matches, and, you know, feed off their momentum.

Q. For both of you, can you just talk about what 17 was like; it was a pivotal hole for you. But also, '99 is kind of your legacy, the American Ryder Cup Team's legacy. What do you know about that and what have you heard about the '99 comeback?

VAUGHN TAYLOR: Yeah, 17 today, they gave us one there. I feel like I gave a couple shots away today that cost us some holes.

But it was nice to get a gift there. You know, we're not too far behind. Like Chad was saying, if we get some guys out early and just kind of get some momentum going, we can easily win this thing.

CHAD CAMPBELL: All our guys have been saying, that's what happened in '99. You know, they got out there, first guy got a lead, second guy out got a lead. Before you knew it, you had five or six guys leading matches. So it's just total momentum for the whole team. Everybody gets confidence and momentum from that.

That's mainly what I've heard. Obviously, you know the whole story, that it was the greatest comeback of all time I guess. So hopefully we can do it a lot like they did.

Q. Just wondering if there is something about the golf course in the first six holes, nine holes, whatever, that lends itself to Europe being able to take some of these leads that they have had; through nine holes, I think Europe has led at least half of the matches.

CHAD CAMPBELL: I don't really think nothing in particular. I mean, nothing with the holes, the way the holes set up or anything. I don't think anything like that I guess I would say favours them or anything.

I guess it just kind of, you know, boils down to making birdies and making putts. You know, it doesn't seem like we we haven't made the long putts or got some of the breaks that we needed. You know, just need to get some putts to start falling and some red on the board.

Q. Do you know why you sat this long? Obviously you played pretty well today; that would be the first thing. And second thing is, you guys talk about trying to get red on the board. Are you going to have to be more aggressive at the beginning now to try to force the issue, or are you going to try to do something different from that?

VAUGHN TAYLOR: I think I sat longest because I think I was a little rusty; I wasn't quite hitting it as well as I wanted to. You know, it was Tom's decision and that's what he decided to do.

So I just had to support the team, and when I finally got my chance, try to make something out of it. I think tomorrow, we just need to get out there early and get ahead and just get momentum and win some points.

Q. Did you talk to Tom? Did he ask you if you were ready to go or did you say yes or no or did that conversation ever occur?

VAUGHN TAYLOR: Yeah, it occurred. We talked last night and he asked me if I was ready and told him yes. He believed in me and he put me in.

Q. Is it any less daunting going into tomorrow at 10 6 since you know that the American team has come back from that deficit before, and that you guys even have teammates that were on that team?

VAUGHN TAYLOR: Well, there's, you know, 12 points out there tomorrow. Anything can happen. So 12 points, that's a lot of points.

CHAD CAMPBELL: You know, there are a few guys that have been on that team. And it's nice knowing that we have come back from a deficit like this before. So, you know, hopefully we'll kind of look back at that and feed off of that and get us ready for tomorrow.

SCOTT CROCKETT: Thank you very much. Good luck tomorrow.

End of FastScripts.

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