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September 23, 2006

Tom Lehman


CAPTAIN TOM LEHMAN: I'm really proud of the way J.J. and Stewart played. This last match was simply phenomenal. Zach Johnson just was all world today. Boy, he just did everything he had to do.

The European team played great. Padraig chipped in on 15, and this last one was perfect. Our team really needed that.

Q. You've lost all three series. Can you believe it?

CAPTAIN TOM LEHMAN: Well, there's still golf to be played. I know that we're down three right now, I think that's what it is, but there's still a lot of golf left, a lot of golf left. With a committed effort this afternoon, this is obviously a very important afternoon for us. We need really good things to happen.

But, you know, you just never can tell. Sports are funny like that. Things can shift and things can change, and before you know it a match has a whole new complexion.

Q. What did you say to your players going out this afternoon to inspire them?

CAPTAIN TOM LEHMAN: I think they already know. They know they need to get it done and they need to putt with conviction, just roll that ball to the hole.

Q. There was some speculation that Tiger may not play in foursomes because he was quite poor this morning. Was that ever on the agenda?

CAPTAIN TOM LEHMAN: I don't know how you can ever sit down the best player in the world. I think we had to go with the guys who are playing the very best. Vaughn Taylor is a great, great putter, and in this format he should be really good.

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