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September 15, 2006

Ben Curtis


TODD BUDNICK: We thank Ben Curtis for joining us after a 69 in round 2 of the 84 Lumber Classic, has you sitting at 9 under par and part of the clubhouse lead. Talk about your day today.

BEN CURTIS: I made it pretty easy on myself. I hit every fairway. The only bad shot I really hit was on No. 11, my second shot. I hit it into the water. But other than that, I played extremely well, made some long putts, which is nice. When you make long putts, it makes the game a little bit easier.

TODD BUDNICK: You picked up your second win earlier this year at the Booz Allen Classic, another very wet course. Talk about the course conditions. You seem to be a mudder these days, I guess.

BEN CURTIS: Yeah, Booz Allen didn't really get soft until I think it was Sunday, so we just had the one day. But the course is holding up good here. The fairways are obviously really soft and soggy. The divots are you take a huge divot. But the greens are holding up, which are the most important, and they're holding up really good.

TODD BUDNICK: Talk about how important it was to get that second victory early this year.

BEN CURTIS: Yeah, it was important, I think obviously to get that monkey off your back. But I try not to worry about it too much, just try to play my game and try to play golf and try to do the best I could. Fortunately for me that week was good enough.

Q. Ryan Moore was in here earlier, too, and he said he made a bunch of long putts, and it's probably coincidental, but is there anything about the greens that might have facilitated that?

BEN CURTIS: The greens are in good shape. Especially this morning, you get out there before most of the guys get out there, so the greens are the best we're going to see. Yeah, they're a good speed. I don't know if it was just because I was in a good spot maybe where there wasn't too much break, which I think was probably the case, relatively straight putts and didn't have to hit it over too many ridges.

The greens are in such good shape that the speed is probably what we normally play on week in and week out, so it's pretty easy to adjust to that.

Q. Was there much breeze out there for you?

BEN CURTIS: Not a whole lot. There was a little bit but nothing to really affect it too much.

Q. It was picking up, though, a little bit before. That's why I asked.

BEN CURTIS: Yeah, I think 9 was downwind just a bit. Whereas 8, we could get there pretty easily yesterday, it was tough to get there today.

Q. Were you picking up more mud or less than yesterday?

BEN CURTIS: About the same.

Q. Any of the tees up? Did they do any of that?

BEN CURTIS: Not that I know of. Well, 9, but it was up yesterday.

Q. What were fans saying about your outfit? I'm sure they know by now you're a Cleveland guy?

BEN CURTIS: Yeah, they like it this week (laughter).

TODD BUDNICK: We'll go through your round. You started with a bogey on 11. What was the second club you hit in the water?

BEN CURTIS: 3 wood.

TODD BUDNICK: Then the birdie on 12.

BEN CURTIS: Chipped in. I was just off the green about 40 feet or so.

15, I made a long one, probably 40 feet or so.

Then 16, I hit it in the greenside bunker, got up and down.

1, probably about 15 feet or so, just on the fringe.

Bogey on 6, three putted, missed like a four footer.

8, I just hit it off just to the side of the green in two, chipped it to a couple feet.

Q. What did you hit in on 15 where you made the one long?

BEN CURTIS: 6 iron.

Q. Is 11 the one hole out here that of course it might not matter, but did they need to do something to that hole, need to do something to that tee?

BEN CURTIS: I think so. I think it's kind of one of those holes you know if you miss the fairway, it becomes really difficult. If you hit the fairway, it's okay, but if you miss it, it's really difficult. There's nowhere really for you to hit it. You can't kind of chase it up there as far as you'd like. And then obviously that bunker is kind of what throws me off a little bit; the view, you can't really see where you're hitting so you've got to aim somewhere in the distance.

Q. With your tee ball were you off to the right?

BEN CURTIS: I was in the fairway, right in the middle of the fairway.

Q. And how much did you have to clear the water?

BEN CURTIS: Well, it was about 200 to clear it where I was aiming, but it was like 260 to carry the whole thing. It didn't matter where I hit it (laughing).

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