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September 16, 2006

Colin Montgomerie


COLIN MONTGOMERIE: You know, I didn't get any breaks really, but that's like -- that's like a manager complaining about the four goals off-side when you lose 6-nil. It's difficult. But no, he played well, deserved this victory and best of luck to him in the final.
You know, and it goes back to -- it goes onto next week. It proves how about our squad is for next week, and we must try and play around with that squad so that players don't play as many five times as we have in the past. It's important that we stay fresh for the singles matches. But we have a fantastic squad this year, and we look forward now to next week.

Q. Paul, winning out in the country yet again, saving yourself for next week or just getting the job done professionally?
PAUL CASEY: I wish I could control those things. I'll take a win no matter which hole it happens to be on. You know, it's nice obviously it's finished sooner and not gone on. I wouldn't like to come down the stretch against Colin or anybody else in the field. Maybe it does help save the legs a little bit, they are still very tired. Maybe that is an advantage. But I'll go off in a minute and relax and go to the physio truck and get some work done and be ready for tomorrow.

Q. And a big match tomorrow, a million pound prize money, who do you fancy, your Ryder Cup Team mate or Shaun Micheel?
PAUL CASEY: I don't fancy either of them to be honest. You know, they are both great competitors, I mean obviously Shaun's got a major victory in the bag and Robert's played some stellar golf this year, and he's also up there in the Order of Merit and I'm trying to sort of chase that title as well.
So I'll be intrigued to see who I get tomorrow, and neither of them are going to be an easy battle and it's going to be fun.

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