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March 22, 2007

Jim Furyk


JIM FURYK: I putted very well from six feet and in today. I didn't make a whole bunch of putts outside. I'm not sure I made any putts outside of that, but I did make a lot of those. And in this wind, the conditions out there, one, you need to do that, but I held my round together because of it.

Q. How is the wrist and is it affecting your play at all?
JIM FURYK: It's not. The wrist is fine. I withdrew last Friday or a couple Fridays ago from Bay Hill, and I was feeling some soreness through the end of the West Coast and Honda, and I was capable of playing, but it made me a little nervous because it felt similar to what I went through before my surgery, just not quite that bad. I wanted to make sure that I had a chance to make sure I could go see my doctor and that everything was fine in there and that I wasn't hurting anything anymore.
I was maybe a little bit on the cautious side, but I got a real good bill of health, and had an MRI done and everything looked good in there. I had a little inflammation. He could see I was sore, but it was non-related to my surgery, which is great news, and I feel good. He'll be behind me, and hopefully -- I realize everyone has concern, but again, I'm getting tired of answering that question.

Q. (Inaudible.)
JIM FURYK: I'm pretty comfortable with my driver. I hit a lot of fairways today. I really like my driver now -- I tweaked the one that I've been playing since L.A. a little bit, and I think I've got it right now. So I think that's going to be behind me, too.

Q. Holes you made pars -- inaudible.
JIM FURYK: For me it was 3 and 18. I hit a pretty -- inaudible -- to the left protecting and I made a great up-and-down. 18, I actually really liked the drive I hit on 18. I just started it a touch right and wasn't able to hold it in that cross-wind, but you darned near have to start it over there right on the edge of that water to draw it, to keep it in that fairway now, so it's a tough play.

Q. (Inaudible.)
JIM FURYK: You mean this severe or this direction -- no, I think you do, not this severe. I haven't seen this direction, this severe, I'll say that.
But I've seen a lot of -- yeah, down and left on 1 and into and right on 18, I've seen that quite a bit. Maybe just not to this degree.

Q. What did you hit for your second shot?
JIM FURYK: 5-iron from maybe 160 or something, but I hit 5-iron in there.

Q. You had a par on 6 --
JIM FURYK: That was a good one, too. Forgot about that one. Hit it over by the bunker, and left me a real awkward lie and wasn't able to get a club on it short and pitched it up to about, oh, I'd say five feet or so.

Q. Is there something about the atmosphere of this tournament -- (Inaudible.)
JIM FURYK: It's kind of a different feel this being a World Golf Championships and being an elite field and all of the best players being here, and then like you said, we have the Masters coming up in two weeks.
I'm not sure anything we did today was really good preparation for Augusta other than playing golf. But yeah, it's got a bit of a different feel. To me it's always been a big event. I've liked playing here and I've had success in the past and I've always looked forward to coming to Doral to play.
So it doesn't have a lot different feel to me, but when you look outside of the ropes, it might have a little different feel just because it's a World Golf Championships.

Q. You're No. 2 in the world, Phil and Tiger and Vijay have all won; do you get itchy for that first victory?
JIM FURYK: No, I don't even worry about what anyone else is doing. I think you're always trying to win golf tournaments. But no, I've played six events this year, so you know, going out there and having six events and not winning, that has not really entered my mind. Obviously the goal is to go out every week and try to win.
I've had a couple opportunities. Pebble Beach I was in position; I was playing decent in L.A. But no, I haven't worried about that.

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