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March 21, 2007

Jamar Butler

Ron Lewis


Q. Ron, do you think when you hit that shot the other day that you sent a reminder to Tennessee?
RON LEWIS: Probably in their eyes, but I think it just gave us an extra boost as a team, just bringing us closer together for the rest of the tournament.

Q. Either or both if you could answer this, how the team has changed since your victory over Tennessee a while back?
RON LEWIS: I think we have gelled closer, have become more of a team than we were back then.
This team was so familiar with every player, we know every player can do. We know how to get players open. And this team is just like a family now.

Q. Would you agree?
JAMAR BUTLER: We have come together and gelled. Greg was just getting back at the time. That was early when Greg returned to the team. We've just come together and playing great right now.

Q. Coach Pearl said he doesn't think you guys have had your break out game this season, yet here you are as the No. 1 seed. Is there more room for improvement? Have you guys played your most complete game yet?
JAMAR BUTLER: I don't think we've played our complete game yet. We always talk about putting 40 minutes of good basketball together. I don't think we've done that yet. We've put about 30 minutes, or a half together. We haven't put 40 minutes together.
RON LEWIS: I think so, as well. We do always talk about 40 minutes, but you can't play a perfect game. We play to the best of our ability, and go out there and do our best all the time.

Q. What's missing to get that complete game? What's needed? What is the one missing thing, the two missing things that you see as a pattern?
RON LEWIS: I don't know, perfection. Like I said, we can go out, play as hard as we can. But there's always going to be room for improvement. You've always got something that you can look back to and improve on during the course of the game. So completion is just getting the job done, but 40 minutes is tough to do.

Q. You said you're looking for perfection, how far were you from that in the Xavier Game 1?
RON LEWIS: We're not looking for perfection. I mean nobody is perfect. So perfection is 40 minutes, but we can't have a perfect game. Nobody is ever going to have a perfect game. If they do, I'd love to see it happen. But the main thing is for us to go out there and play hard, play as hard as we can and get the job done.

Q. What's been the most fun part about this tournament so far?
JAMAR BUTLER: For all of us the first time we passed the second round, to be a part of it, being the Sweet 16, growing up as kids you dream doing what you're doing right now. Just living the dream.
RON LEWIS: I think my main thing is enjoying it with my teammates, because you'll never get this back, even if you have another team that goes through this, it's only a once in a lifetime to enjoy it with the team as good as we are and that gels together. Everybody is just having fun with it. And their experience is just great.

Q. With the way you guys beat Xavier, do you feel you've been given a second chance this tournament?
JAMAR BUTLER: I think so. Every team goes through a game like that. We pulled it together and we found a way to win, which showed a lot of poise on our team, I think.

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