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March 18, 2007

Tom Lehman


Q. How did the golf course change?
TOM LEHMAN: Well, it changed a lot from yesterday to today. The greens were very, very firm, very, very fast, tough, tough pins. The wind obviously from the north is the toughest wind you can play on this course. It was a very, very difficult golf course today.

Q. Were the greens burning out?
TOM LEHMAN: Yeah, they were -- I would say they are definitely playable. They were nowhere near being over the top, but they were very difficult.

Q. You didn't get into Doral next week, do you think a player of your stature should be in a field like that?
TOM LEHMAN: What do I have to do to get into Doral? I had no idea, I knew I had a good finish, but I didn't know what it was going to take. (inaudible.)

Q. Do you think the WGC events should be uniform with the fields?
TOM LEHMAN: I've always been a believer that if you want to have your best tournaments, it should be a full-field tournament, especially next week's.
The only problem I have with Doral next week being a short field is it's the final week before you qualify for Masters. So I've been trying to work my way into the Masters, and I need another week, and I don't get it now.
So that's a tough thing, with THE PLAYERS Championship used to being in that date, I always had that tournament there to play, and if I was just outside -- you know, and now I get to go home and watch it on TV, and then watch the Masters, too. It's my fault I didn't play well enough to get there, but it would have been nice to have one more week.

Q. A couple comments about Vijay's play today.
TOM LEHMAN: He made the most of his round. He made a couple mistakes coming in but up until the 16th hole, he hit a lot of great shots, he hit a lot of really good putts. Took advantage of the good things he did, saved himself when he made a mistake.
You know, he played the kind of round of golf you have to play here if you're going to win. He got the most out of his game.

Q. When you have a three- or four-shot lead coming in, is it sometimes hard mentally to sit back, and not to say play it safe, but can you make mistakes playing it safe?
TOM LEHMAN: Yes, you can, absolutely, and I'm sure that coming into 16, 17, knowing he had a four-shot lead, I think you want to avoid coming to 18 with a two-shot lead. You want a two-shot lead or a four-shot lead. But to make two bogeys and then you have to get it done on 18, and he did.
But he's such a great player, I'm not sure it would have made a difference. He's just a great player.

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