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March 18, 2007

Ben Curtis


Q. How does it feel to finish in the Top-10 and not win?
BEN CURTIS: I'd rather have a win, but I'm happy with the way I played.

Q. Knowing that you had to make a move to catch the leaders, trying to make birdie on the last two holes --
BEN CURTIS: Yeah, I think so. Obviously you hit the fairway and you leave yourself -- I think that's the hardest thing, you've got to hit the fairway. And 17, 212 into the wind; and 18, that into the wind as well, and the pin where it is. Luckily that green was soft and receptive. But it was -- I mean, it was fair, but it was almost too difficult.

Q. Was it almost impossible today?
BEN CURTIS: It wasn't almost impossible, but it played very difficult. I mean, the hardest thing was you miss the green -- 12, I missed that green. I hit the rough and hit up by the green, and that ball, with the flop shot, that ball probably would have rolled 40 feet, into the wind.

Q. Vijay had the low score for the last two days, tied for the low score, 67.
BEN CURTIS: He made a lot of putts.
I'm fine with that. Hey, the harder the better, but 67 is not a -- that's not a high score for a winning score, you know, a couple shots back. It might be in relation to par.

Q. If you kind of compare this to the U.S. Open, would you say it a major-type venue, would you assess it this way?
BEN CURTIS: When they get it set up like this. Obviously the conditions, with no rain over the week. Usually this place is soft and you know, fairways, especially are really soft and the greens are somewhat soft because of the weather.
I remember on Friday -- inaudible -- probably the best, in my five years, probably the best four days we've had.

Q. You started the season probably not the way you wanted to, do you feel like now you're kind of getting into the golf?
BEN CURTIS: Yeah, I think so. I think it's been a struggle at the start of the year, but I never started off good anyway, so I'm kind of used to it. I kind of don't let it get me down. The first few years I think I did. This past couple, I'm like, you know what, if I can get out of the West Coast Swing with 200,000, 300,000, I'll be extremely happy.

Q. You're playing for points now.
BEN CURTIS: I can't justify how many points that would be.

Q. Charles Howell, it's like $212 per point, if you use last week, his numbers, so that will give you an idea.
BEN CURTIS: Really? Well, I made 364 points, so I haven't made much. (Laughter).

Q. Vijay, he's kind of a marvel, what he does, can you comment on him in general?
BEN CURTIS: The way he started 10-under through 14 or 15 holes, is it 5-under -- yeah, it's pretty incredible if you think about it.
Especially the way I was playing, you know, if I would have hit some fairways and more greens, who knows. But yeah, it was probably one of the hardest Sundays for a regular TOUR event I've seen in a while.

Q. You know, and he's not 29, either. He's doing it at 44.
BEN CURTIS: He works very hard on the golf course and off, so I think -- it's one of these games that if you keep in shape and keep working on it, I don't see why you can't improve. And with all of the experience he's had, that's only --

Q. One of the hardest Sundays ever at a non-page or?
BEN CURTIS: Depends on how you're feeling, too. My game is okay right now, so making some good up-and-downs. I felt like my short game was good. You know, there's times where I go into Sunday and I felt like I got lucky to be where I was. And now, this week, I felt like I played extremely well.
Some weeks, Sundays were hard just because of you're in the spotlight and not playing as well as you probably should have been.

Q. I think Rocco talked yesterday about how there was not that many people following the last group yesterday. Was there a lot of guys following you around today?
BEN CURTIS: Yeah, we were walking down 13, felt like the last group on Friday. (Laughter) I mean, we're still in the top 5. Obviously Vijay, Tiger, everybody wants to see them, see what they do, and with Vijay winning.

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