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March 16, 2007

Keith Gavin


Q. Tomorrow night, how do you change your style?
KEITH GAVIN: Well, actually, I'm not going to change my style. The first two times I wrestled him, I changed my style because I bought into the hype thinking he was superior to everyone. I changed it, according to what I think would beat him and it didn't work, so obviously I'm just going to do what I need to do.

Q. Are you a little tired of hearing how he's the end all be all, and you or anyone else in the 74-pound class have no chance?
KEITH GAVIN: No, I love it. It takes the pressure off of me

Q. Could you be more specific about what changes you made in the first matches. You said you changed your style.
KEITH GAVIN: You have got to go into a match thinking what you've got to do to win, and I went into both of those matches thinking what I can't let him do.

Q. We would like to hear about your assessment that they were going to put you into the position.
KEITH GAVIN: I new Mason, he's really tough on top, but I knew if I stayed patient on my feet, the takedowns would come. So I just wanted to keep good position, stay patient on my feet and get my takedown. I was planning on choosing neutral the whole time because he rides everyone.

Q. Keith, you red-shirted last year, and you had your, I don't want to say coming out party of sorts at Midlands when you upset top-seated guys. Talk about the journey from then to now being the second ranked wrestler in the country and now in the national championship.
KEITH GAVIN: It's about believing in yourself. Not much has changed. I just keep trying to develop every day, but the biggest thing is I really started to believe in myself that I had the wilt to do the things I'm doing now.

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