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March 15, 2007

Tatiana Golovin


THE MODERATOR: Questions for Tatiana, please.

Q. Got off to kind of a slow start. You only won two of the first 10 points. Do you really feel ready to play?
TATIANA GOLOVIN: Do I feel that I was what, ready to play?

Q. Why, yes, you started so shakily that I'm just wondering.
TATIANA GOLOVIN: I was ready to play. I just, you know -- I just took a day off today. I don't know. I'm not really even sure what to say. Just nothing was going in and I'm just kind of -- the type of matches you just want to forget and move on. My aim is next week -- we're lucky with the sport, we have tournaments every week, so we can catch up.
I was trying, I don't -- I mean, I'm trying to be, like, upset at myself, but it's so hard 'cause it's like nothing was going in. So, like I said, just the match that I need to forget and move on as soon as possible.

Q. How much of it had to do with her, if anything?
TATIANA GOLOVIN: Of course, I mean, she didn't make it easy either. She definitely had trouble with her serve. She was -- you know, she was playing pretty aggressively. Normally she is a player to defend -- I was actually the one defending and making mistakes. I think it was me not playing well at all and her just really sticking to her game and putting pressure on me.

Q. Do you have a special respect for her as a player because she's out here with a 5-year-old kid and making kind of a run here?
TATIANA GOLOVIN: I mean, that's kind of her choice, I guess, but definitely it must be really, really tough for her. And, you know, definitely you have respect for someone who can, you know, manage both being a professional tennis player and being a mother, so it can't be very easy.

Q. Do girls talk about that in the locker room?
TATIANA GOLOVIN: Not really. We see the little one running around and screaming in the locker, so it's...

Q. Anybody say, "Get that kid out of here"?
TATIANA GOLOVIN: Some of us do (smiling). No, I'm just kidding. No. She's cute. She's nice.

Q. It was a pretty sparse crowd out there watching your game. When it's that quiet like that, do you hear things in the crowd?
TATIANA GOLOVIN: No. No, I don't. You just try to stay focused, you know, whether it's a full house or if there wasn't as many people today. You just really need to focus on the game. You don't really pay attention. The stadium is really very, very big, so it was kind of tough to adjust in the beginning. The court did feel small. But, you know, it's just something you deal with and we're kind of used to it, so it's not like....

Q. After the first set, you changed your outfit. Were you just trying to change your luck a little bit?
TATIANA GOLOVIN: Change something, right? Anything could help (smiling). No, but it was getting kind of cold out there, actually, in the shade and the dress was a little too open.

Q. The lefty factor in her game?
TATIANA GOLOVIN: Yeah, but I mean, like I said, I played Schnyder a lot of times. I usually play well against her. I usually return the serve well. It was just my day off. Nothing was going on. It just happened. It hasn't happened to me in a long time. It's kind of -- it's upsetting that it happens today because I did have my chance to go into the semis. It's really bad timing, but it does happen. You just kind of have to move on.

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