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March 13, 2007

Na Li


THE MODERATOR: We'll take questions.

Q. Did that seem surprisingly routine for you?
NA LI: A little bit surprising.

Q. Can you just talk about your match today and describe how it went for you and how excited you are to be at the quarter finals.
NA LI: She's saying the competition today is a little bit more simple than she think of. And she felt that the other is a very strong player, but she think maybe the other side have some injuries or some kinds of problems, so she thought that competition today is a little bit easier than she think of.

Q. And when did you notice that your opponent had some sort of injury? At what point in the match did you start thinking that?
NA LI: She said she saw the opponent's always put the hand at the back, put their left hand on the back while she was playing.

Q. And when was that in the match? The first set? Second set?
NA LI: The first game.

Q. The first game?
NA LI: The first set..

Q. I think you must have felt that if you won today, you would be playing Sharapova. Instead you're going to be playing Zvonareva who beat Sharapova. Have you had previous matches with Zvonareva?
NA LI: Can you make it a little bit simpler.

Q. Have you played Zvonareva before, your next opponent?
NA LI: No.

Q. Are you also surprised that you are not playing Sharapova?
NA LI: This doesn't matter. I just only play my game.

Q. I got it. But have you been looking at the draw and saying, "Okay. If I win here, my next opponent" -- because your next opponent would have been Maria Sharapova, but she just lost?
NA LI: (In English) I'm not sure I can win today, so I didn't see the draw.

Q. Do you feel like the tournament is opening up and becoming an opportunity for you to maybe win a Tier 1?
NA LI: I don't think of it.

Q. You're the first Chinese woman to be ranked in the top 20. Do you think your success on the WTA tour is doing something for developing tennis in China with younger girls?
NA LI: Yes, I thought when the tennis in China is not very high, it's not many support, and now because they have played a little bit higher level, there is more press concern about playing, so maybe more support in China.

Q. Can you repeat that. I didn't catch that.
NA LI: I said, they can play in a higher level, there's more press concern in China, so it may be more support in tennis.

Q. How do you like Palm Springs and how does it compare to life for you? How do you like Palm Springs and how does it compare with life at home?
NA LI: I feel this city is very comfortable and scenery is like pictures, mountains, water, and then I feel that in China, the life is too rushed.

Q. You said the other day you were having some trouble coping with the heat. How have you adjusted to the heat? You seem to be adjusting to it now. And how do you keep yourself hydrated before and after matches?
NA LI: It's just drink a lot of water, keep hydrated.

Q. Are you coping better? Are you getting used to the heat now more?
NA LI: Because I arrive very early, the 28th of February, so I have a long time to prepare for this match, so I always accustom to this weather.

Q. Can you talk a little bit about how having your own choice of -- having your husband as a coach sort of helps you on the tour?
NA LI: When I take the coach as a husband or just only a coach, I want to know -- can you repeat your question.

Q. Well, just talk about you coaching situation and does it help you now having him on the tour?
NA LI: The coach is very good now and because, apart from the husband as a coach, I also have another conditioning coach, another technical coach, so I very enjoy with this team of coach.

Q. You're the first Chinese to reach a Grand Slam quarter final at Wimbledon. Can you talk about how that helped your confidence? She's the first Chinese to reach a Grand Slam quarter final.
NA LI: The matches, the question you said, makes me more confident in the following matches.

Q. Today Larry was talking about high-level tournaments like this one. There's going to be two mixed ones and one was probably going to be in Asia and we suspect maybe Beijing or Shanghai. Can you kind of talk about China getting a major tournament like this and also about the growth of tennis in China.
NA LI: If there's big matches in China, there will be more people can watch the game and then see the big stars from all around the world.

Q. Do you ever think China could have a big event like this tournament or like as big as the Miami event?
NA LI: If I earn a lot of money, I will make one in China (laughing).

Q. You've already had a tennis match in your series in China, right? So you've already had a major event in China, Shanghai.
NA LI: The series you talk about is for men only.

Q. Yeah, right.
And can you talk about what having the Olympics in Beijing will mean for you personally and for tennis in China.
NA LI: The Olympics in China will be benefit to all people in China and also the Chinese tennis.

Q. How much is the Olympics going to be a focal point for her in terms of trying to succeed.
NA LI: I don't think of that at this moment.
THE MODERATOR: Thank you very much.

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