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March 10, 2007

Jamont Gordon

Charles Rhodes

Rick Stansbury


THE MODERATOR: We're ready to get started with Mississippi State.
RICK STANSBURY: We give Arkansas credit. I thought they played with more will than we played with. I thought the first two minutes of the game, two and a half minutes of the game, kind of exemplified the way we played, and the way Arkansas played. At the two and a half minute mark they had six offensive rebounds. And again, that's about that extra edge effort-wise.
It's very obvious, you saw us play. We just weren't as sharp as we had been and was. That's one of those things as a coach, you scratch your head about and wonder why. But that's the way it was. Give Arkansas credit. I thought they played awfully well, made plays when they had to make plays.

Q. For either one, Jamont or Charles, coach said you guys weren't as sharp, why do you think that was?
JAMONT GORDON: I guess we were a little fatigued or something out there. I really don't know.

Q. Charles, could you answer that question, too. I mean Arkansas has played two straight days and that was only your second straight day.
CHARLES RHODES: I really don't know what to say. I guess it was like Kentucky. We played a big game, and it's kind of like when we played Florida, and came back and got beat by South Carolina. It is kind of like the same feeling right now.

Q. Charles, what do you guys expect or think you deserve when it comes time for tomorrow night when the selections are made for tournaments?
CHARLES RHODES: It's up to them, but we deserve all the credit, but we'll take what we take. We had our chances and we blew it at the end. We just didn't play as well as we're used to, and that's just a bad feeling when you know that everybody is on the same page, didn't get a day off, and we just came up short.

Q. Charles, last year I was very disappointed with the way you ended the season, you knew there were no more games after that, not even NIT. But a silver lining knowing that you've still got another NCAA Tournament stop to go in this program, but silver lining knowing there is still a little basketball left to play?
CHARLES RHODES: It just hurts. If we would have gotten this game, we probably would have went to the NCAA, and a chance to win the SEC Tournament championship. That's what hurts the most. Now we've got to get on a plane and go back to Starkville. So it's just a down feeling right now.

Q. Jamont, if you could just explain your emotions going from the high of the Kentucky win, to the low of this right now.
JAMONT GORDON: It's a bad feeling. We pulled off a big game yesterday against Kentucky. Then we come out today and don't play our best game.
THE MODERATOR: Fellas, thank you for coming down. We'll continue with Coach Stansbury.

Q. Rick, the way you guys were scrambling, Jamont was on the bench for some critical time down the stretch, trying to look into your thinking there.
RICK STANSBURY: If there's one guy that had a reason to be a little fatigued today was Jamont Gordon. He played 42 minutes yesterday. You know, at that point, you know, he goes 1 for 11 his first 11 shots, he scores two baskets in the last minute and a half. Between him and Charles they're 1 for 16 the first 38 and a half minutes of the game. It's hard to beat any good team when your two guys that you depend on are 1 for 16.
Again, I said, Jamont Gordon is the one guy, when he played 42 minutes, different than maybe -- some of the Arkansas guys had a reason to maybe not be at their best. Charles Rhodes, absolutely not. He it didn't play enough minutes yesterday. But that's the way it is. It's college athletics. Those are the kind of games that make you lose sleep at night understanding why we weren't at our best today.
Again, we were up one at halftime. So now we don't have to worry about 40 minutes, we just have to worry about 20 minutes. I give Arkansas some credit. They played awfully well. Made some shots when they had to make shots.

Q. Coach, could you tell us about the tennis shoes.
RICK STANSBURY: Well, I'll tell you part of it, just part of it is I've got a hurt heel. I won't tell you how I hurt or why it's hurt. And the tennis shoes were much more comfortable, in particular when I try to get an official's attention.

Q. Rick, do you think that loss sealed your NCAA fate in a way that you probably didn't want it to be sealed?
RICK STANSBURY: I think, let's just be realistic, there's no question. I think the winner of this game is going to get in. Arkansas deserves a chance now to get to the NCAA Tournament. They stepped up today, knowing it was us or them. They've won one, two, three, four, five in a row. SEC deserves at least five teams for sure. For sure. And again, give them credit. They stepped up and won the basketball game they had to win to get the tournament.

Q. Rick, you're very familiar with Gary. Could you talk about his game for Arkansas today.
RICK STANSBURY: Played well. Jumped up and made some shots in that second half. Think at halftime he had four points. He played well. Made some passes in that second half when they needed baskets. Gary's a good little player.
THE MODERATOR: All right, thank you.

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