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March 8, 2007

John Beilein

Frank Young


JOHN BEILEIN: It was a -- I guess anybody, I know it's late and this next game is going to start about 10:15. But I think it was a great basketball game. I believe that, you know, our kids, there's three different -- we just came out, and I don't know if it was fatigue from last night. It took us a while to get our second wind but we came out and did not play well to start. Fought back, and if we were under double digits at half the way we started, I thought we would be in great shape but we weren't. Certainly came back and had a chance to win the game and so he's made a terrific play, Darris made a terrific play.
So we don't get the win. But I can't do anything but tell you how proud I am of my team, and I'm sure the state and the university, I know they are proud of each other as well.

Q. The end of regulation, the clock, it looked like it started for about two/tenths of a second after the inbound pass to Sosa; did you see that?
JOHN BEILEIN: I did not see that. I've just got to trust -- I've got to trust that the timekeepers know what they are doing. I don't know if that would have made a difference. It certainly got in the goal by that time and we hustled, we got back, tried to get back and he just made a terrific play. Made him go left which was terrific.
We need a little bit of help on that last play, but Darris made the great play to get us there. It's just it's a tough play to stop without fouling late in the game.

Q. Can you just talk about when it was right off the bat, 14-2, probably not the way you want to start what got you guys back into it, and then you made another run in the second half?
JOHN BEILEIN: I think we have great leadership. It's quiet leadership but it's great leadership. They just stuck with what we had to do. We changed some things up offensively and defensively.
But it's a painful loss when you do everything and then you come back and you take the lead. You know, they missed a foul shot, the story of our life there, they offensive rebound and end up tying the game up and then Darris made the big play.

Q. Going on that 18-0 run in the second half, the second overtime, did you see that your team was kind of tiring out?
JOHN BEILEIN: I don't know, I'll have to look at the tape a little bit. But they made some breaks go their way. We did not have many breaks in that last overtime. So we just have to -- I'm better at watching the tape to try to determine exactly what happened. I'm not -- I'm just trying to score points and get the stops. The momentum and all those things, I'm just coaching during that time.
But they had a good team. There's a reason why they finished second in the BIG EAST.

Q. Do you believe you guys have done enough to get a tournament bid?
JOHN BEILEIN: I hope so at this point because I think that, you know, this is a very skilled committee, they have been through so much. They really look at teams.
I think that this is -- we are a tenth of a second away from a great, great win. So you know, we certainly think so at West Virginia. We'll be keeping our fingers crossed that they think the same way.
We really played what we thought was going to be an aggressive schedule. Some of those teams were young when we ended up beating them early in the year and now they are not Top-50 teams anymore. They were very good teams when we played them. Connecticut was nationally ranked when we ended up playing them and North Carolina State has had a great year. You know, it's been -- I know we have done enough, right, to get this there. But I know there's a lot of teams that feel that same way.

Q. Can you talk about so many of your players returning next year, what that means, maturity process?
JOHN BEILEIN: You know, our season is not over yet. I don't want to talk about next year yet. (Laughing).
But I certainly think that we have a lot of young men that will stay in the program. But I don't want to -- this guy still has some more games to play we think and hopefully we believe it's in the NCAA Tournament.

Q. When Darris hit that layup at the end of regulation, did the players realize the situation, time remaining?
FRANK YOUNG: I don't know if as a team we realized how much time was left. I looked up at the clock right away and realized there was four seconds and started yelling, "Get back, get back." I thought I saw somebody under the basket but I just tried to help Darris, try to swipe the ball and get the ball from Sosa and next thing I see he has an open lane to the basket. When you look back in hindsight, I just think I could have done a better job of maybe being in the lane to maybe protect the basket because I know Darris is a good defender, to try to make him take a tough shot.

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