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March 8, 2007

Korvotney Barber

Josh Dollard

Jeff Lebo

Quantez Robertson


THE MODERATOR: We're ready to begin with Auburn. Coach, if you would begin.
JEFF LEBO: I thought this game we had way too many turnovers, obviously, 21. And they were zoning us the majority of the time. And I thought the play of Brown inside when we doubled him, he still got 19 and 13 and hurt us on the offensive glass. And we shot the ball so poorly from the foul line and from three; 6 of 25 for us is not very good. Just I didn't think we had really anybody play particularly well in this game. And we didn't have everybody play well, it didn't happen in this game.
They hurt us with their strength and their inside play and their physical play. I mean, Brown was just a mule. He was too strong for anybody we had in there. We doubled him most of the time, and he still did some damage on the offensive glass against us.

Q. Tez, is there any hangover from the Ole Miss game tonight, or did you guys have the same kind of emotion in this game you had last week?
QUANTEZ ROBERTSON: We tried to come in and play as intense and physical as we could. I mean, they just shot the ball a lot better than we did tonight. They came out with the victory.

Q. For the players, could you talk about why you think the zone defense caused so many troubles in terms of turnovers, turning the ball over that much.
THE MODERATOR: You want all three players?

Q. That's fine.
JOSH DOLLARD: Like Coach said, the turnovers were a factor. And we weren't attacking the zone very well. And a couple of turnovers here and there when they got in the zone hurt us real bad. Good teams are going to capitalize off other teams' mistakes and that's what they did tonight.
QUANTEZ ROBERTSON: We just didn't attack it like we should, like we practiced these last few days. With them playing their zone, we just didn't attack it the right way. And we didn't knock down the open shot when we got a chance to.
KORVOTNEY BARBER: Basically what they said. We didn't attack the zone like we needed to.

Q. This is for Tez: It looked like you guys never really got in sync tonight, did you sort of feel like that offensively, getting the flow for a while?
QUANTEZ ROBERTSON: I wouldn't say that. We just couldn't knock down the open shot tonight. We got some good looks and we just couldn't knock it down. We started off good, and they started off good, too. But we just couldn't knock down the open shot and they did:

Q. Korvotney, is this loss especially disappointing because most people thought you were the team playing the best basketball in the last four games in the regular season?
KORVOTNEY BARBER: It hurt real bad, because lately we've been playing really good basketball. I thought we were going to come in and win. I knew it wasn't going to be easy. So it hurt really bad being that we had played real good the last few games of the regular season.

Q. This is for any of the players: As close as you guys came to a share of the title this year, everybody expected back next season, how different will the expectations be among yourselves for next year?
JOSH DOLLARD: You know, we really can't look into the future right now, but I mean, you know, coming into next season, we've got the same group of people coming back. We're going to be more mature. Hopefully over the summer we'll get bigger, stronger and faster, And come in and have a way better season than we had this year.
But we've got a lot to look forward to in the future. Hopefully we can take this loss and just move on.
THE MODERATOR: All right, we'll excuse the players. Fellas, thank you.

Q. Jeff, I guess the same question to you: Did you feel that there was any hangover from the Ole Miss loss?
JEFF LEBO: I don't know that there was any hangover. I worried about that early. But they played very well, I thought. They were very good. Their zone bothered us. We didn't make shots. We had some turnovers that were, you know, just not very smart basketball plays at times. It was a physical game, and we weren't able to play through a lot of that stuff. We shot the ball so poorly. You know, Rasheem Barrett was 2 for 14. When a team plays zone you've got to be able to make some shots and get some shots.
When they played man, they didn't get much. They played man early, we got some good looks against that, then they went to the zone, and the size of the zone bothered us. We don't make shots then we started pressing a little bit. We didn't make shots and trying to put it on the floor then we made poor decisions with the ball. We had some guys 0-5 assist/turnovers, and 0-3's, it's hard to win at this time of the year when you have those type of turnovers. We've had a stretch where we turned the ball over and we lost four games in a row, we had a gazillion of them, and it was disappointing the way we handled the ball, and made our decisions tonight.

Q. Jeff, talk about the NIT, do you think it's a possibility?
JEFF LEBO: I don't know. I doubt it. But I don't know.

Q. You mentioned earlier about Rasheem having difficulty offensively, talk about leaving him in there as long as you did. Did you think he was another shooter?
JEFF LEBO: I stayed with my veteran guys. I needed him out there, at least get them up and shoot it before he turned it over, I guess. But we just -- he had a tough year for us. Had a tough game, it was a hard game for him offensively. We didn't have anybody. Tez shot it poorly. Wasn't anybody that really shot great. Josh did some good things, especially rebounded the basketball in this game. We didn't make foul shots this game either.
Every time we had an opportunity where we thought we could maybe get it under 10, we'd miss a shot, have a turnover, and they scored and kept us at bay. We never could get over the hump there, and make a play to get it under 10.

Q. Jeff, what did you say on the technical? Can you go into what was said there?
JEFF LEBO: I can't repeat that whole thing.

Q. Was that about the discrepancy in fouls at the time?
JEFF LEBO: I can't. I'm not supposed to comment on officiating so I won't.
THE MODERATOR: All right, thank you.

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